Does Arizona’s New Abortion Law go far Enough?

When we oppose something and wish it to be changed or outlawed, it becomes tempting to celebrate when the law limits or reduces its availability. Yet, what we have to realize is that these kinds of measures are not enough. We can never win an incremental war with the Liberals. They all but invented these tactics, and they will come hard against any attempt to step down abortion laws. So when we initially read the efforts in Arizona to require information and limit access to Obamacare money, we have to suppress the desire to cheer. Christian Headline News reports

Arizona’s governor signed into law on March 30 a bill that prohibits abortion insurance from being purchased through Obamacare’s taxpayer-subsidized insurance program. The bill also requires abortionists to inform women that two-step chemical abortions can be reversed.

Now, do not misunderstand, there are reasons to thank God for the requirements. Until this law was passed, abortionists were informing patients that there was no way to reverse the two-step abortion. So if a young lady took the first pill and later decided to keep her child, the abortionist would inform her that it was too late. She would be informed that there was no way to save her child though this was not true. But the other part of the law is nothing to be excited about.

“The American people overwhelmingly oppose taxpayer funding of abortions, and it’s no different in Arizona, where we have long-standing policy against subsidizing them with public dollars,” pro-life Gov. Doug Ducey said. “This legislation provides clarity to state law.”

But what I have to point out is that though citizens of Arizona will not be forced to pay for abortions, these abortions will still be done. Whereas the one part of the law might actually save a child’s life, the other part just means the murderer will have to find another way to pay for the murder.

While Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona President Bryan Howard said the new law interferes with women’s medical decisions, pro-life advocates in Arizona view the law as a victory for women.

How can I say this without sounding uncompromising? Well, I cannot. If you live in a country or state that allows “abortion”, then you are living in a country that will stand as guilty as Germany, Russia, and China. We are murdering babies! How can we celebrate that we are not going to pay personally, while as we celebrate they are slaughtering children? How will our nation escape the judgment of God if God judges justly? Does he not call his people to defend the weak? Proverbs 31:8-9

Open your mouth for the mute, For the rights of all the unfortunate. Open your mouth, judge righteously, And defend the rights of the afflicted and needy.

God calls his people to defend the weak and to speak for those who cannot. It seems that there are none weaker or less able to speak or defend themselves than unborn children. If we do nothing but argue and continue to vote for men who do nothing, will God not judge us to be guilty? Some verses to think on: Ps. 58:11, 67:4, and 110 Also, for a more in-depth discussion of the Law and its use for Christians today, check out my new book: An Everlasting Covenant. It is available on Amazon.