Dick Durbin Plays the Race Card and Show how Liberals have for Years Used Blacks in America

The Senate has come to the very familiar position of stand still again this week. Legislative gridlock is the fashion of the day. Either the right is filibustering the left to stop them from their progressive agenda or the left is filibustering the right to stop them from defunding the progressive agenda already pushed through. And there is also the tact used by McConnell this week. To stop your opponent all you have to do is not allow a vote to come to the floor. This is especially effective if you have no real reason to vote against the bill. In this case, it is the confirmation vote of Loretta Lynch.

This kind of situation has been the norm for several years now. But something happened to ratchet thing up a little. The reason for the stall on the confirmation vote is supposedly because the Senate has not passed the Human Trafficking Bill. Mitch McConnell is not willing to bring the confirmation vote to the floor until the Democrats vote to pass the bipartisan bill they have been filibustering.

Fox reports

Once a noncontroversial measure that passed unanimously out of the Judiciary Committee, the bill’s bipartisan coalition fell apart after Democrats accused Republicans of legislative sleight of hand by secretly inserting a provision to prevent a victims’ compensation fund from covering abortion. Democratic cosponsors said they were unaware the abortion language was in the bill.

This has led to heightened emotions and increased pressure to get things moving.  If they do not pass the Human Trafficking Bill and pass Lynch’s nomination, it would be mid April before the Senate will be able to get anything done.

Now Fox reports

. . . the simmering frustration boiled over Wednesday as a top Democrat accused the GOP of making Lynch — who would be the nation’s first black female attorney general — “sit in the back of the bus.”

“It is a civil rights milestone that her name has been submitted,” said Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin, who noted 130 days have passed since President Obama tapped Lynch to succeed Attorney General Eric Holder. The Illinois Democrat argued there is “no substantive reason” for the delay, which he likened to being “asked to sit in the back of the bus when it comes to the Senate calendar.”

This language, though shocking, is nothing new for such people. The Democrats have become nothing more than race baiters who use the struggle and suffering of others to wedge their opponents out of position. Men like Durbin have repeatedly used the horrible discrimination of the past as a sledge hammer to destroy others politically.

What is worse is that most of the time, these kinds of statements are shown to be untrue. And this is the case here.

Responding on Twitter, a Mitch McConnell spokesman posted a photo of U.S. Circuit Judge Janice Rogers Brown, who is black, along with the caption: “Remember that time Sen. Durbin led filibusters [sic] in an attempt to defeat this judge?” Democrats blocked Brown’s nomination for nearly two years after President George W. Bush nominated her in 2003.

In reality, this has nothing to do with race, which is a misnomer in the first place. Race is an old communist trick to wedge their opponents. Ol’ Dick tried to pull a fast one. Your opponent looks more racist when it is a historic moment these racists are blocking. Those mean Republicans.

The left and especially the progressive left are using underhanded tactics to silence the right. It has always worked before, so they continue to use them. They shame us into conceding our rights away so that we can feel better. We feel shame because of the way things used to be, but if you did nothing wrong, you have nothing for which to feel ashamed. God does not set your teeth on edge because your fathers ate sour grapes (Jer. 31:28-30).