DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson: Do not Have Situational Awareness at Border

Everyone has an opinion concerning the border with Mexico. It does not take much to get people to tell you what they would do and how they would fix the situation. But, there is a problem when the person tapped to fix the border situation, cannot even give you an accurate accounting of the situation as it stands. If the man in charge of protecting our border from illegal entry into the U.S. does not have the answers, how confident can we be that things are getting better?

The Washington Times reports

Appearing before several committees to justify his 2016 budget request, Mr. Johnson said his department does not yet have situational control over the southwestern border, nor does it even have full “situational awareness” yet.

Now for those of you who might not understand what the Secretary is saying, let me translate. They do not have a clue how many people are coming into the country illegally, nor where they might be crossing. But Jeh thinks that things are improving.

Johnson said

Homeland Security still won’t have a complete handle on the border by the end of President Obama’s tenure, department Secretary Jeh Johnson admitted to Congress on Wednesday, though he said they are quickly getting better.

Now, this begs the question. If you do not have situational awareness, how can you say that things are getting better? Is this some kind of feeling he gets? It would seem hard if not impossible to judge if you have no awareness of the situation. How would you know that things were getting better and at what rate if you had no real understanding of the condition of things now or in the past. But Johnson like the former secretary has a test to judge the condition, without knowing the situation.

Mr. Johnson said the border is getting more secure, and pointed to statistics showing apprehensions of illegal immigrants in general, and of the unaccompanied minors who flooded the border in recent years, are both down significantly this year. Homeland Security officials argue that fewer people caught means fewer people are crossing.

Well, that is surely one way to look at the situation, I guess. But is there not another way to understand this drop? Could it be that the illegals have figured out where your watching and have gone to other places to cross? What if they are tunneling under your feet as we write this and you do not even know? If you told your officers to stop arresting people for crossing illegally, would that not explain the drop in arrests?

You see, that things are getting better is not the only answer to the drop in arrests. We also have to ask the even harder question. Even if your interpretation of the evidence is correct and people have stopped crossing the border illegally, how does this point to a job well done? What does people deciding to stay in their home country have to do with what you have done?

As we hope for better border security to keep out terrorists and law-breakers, the DHS plays games. These games may cost lives in the form of gang violence, rape, and murder. It also might put America at risk with an influx of terrorist, who many believe are based on our border. But at least they are arresting fewer people.

Great job Jeh!