Department of the Navy Seeking to Blur the Lines between Women and Men

For years, we have seen things trending toward a mixing of the sexes.  Whether it was unisex cologne, unisex haircuts, and worst of all, skinny jeans for men, society has been going away from gender distinctions.  Despite this trend, there has been the lone holdout; our military.  Women were required to wear more feminine attire.  But that is changing as well.

The Washington Times reports 

A midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy on Wednesday stood up amid a sea of white dress uniforms and asked Navy Secretary Ray Mabus why the service is trying to make women look like men.

The Navy and Marine Corps are changing their uniforms.  This is going to make the women wear clothing modeled after the men’s.  This has some of the Midshipmen a little confused.  Why such a move?  The answer.

“Uniformity is about ending the way we segregate women by requiring them to wear different clothes,” Mr. Mabus said. “In the Navy and in the Marine Corps, we are trending towards uniforms that don’t divide us as male or female, but rather unite us as sailors or Marines.”

So then, the question must be asked, why the men’s uniform?  Why not make the Marines wear the female uniform?  Besides the fact that Mr. Mabus would have to eat that uniform, we know that the thought itself is silly.  But, silly or not, the question remains.  If we wish to blur the lines and unite the Sailors and Marines, why not the woman’s uniform?

It seems I am not the only one asking this question.

During a question-and-answer session, a midshipman first class stood and said, “I support the initiative of uniting men and women under one uniform. But my question for you is, why are we proceeding about with the assumption that the correct uniform is the male uniform and making women look like men rather than uniting both in our common unisex uniform?”

Do not worry; we will not be seeing men in skirts patrolling in Afghanistan.  Yet, this does have something to with women in combat situations.  It will not be long before women will be allowed to be attached to infantry units.

In 2013, the Obama administration lifted the ban on women in direct ground combat units such as infantry and special operations. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is to make a final decision on each occupation by Jan. 1, after receiving recommendations from the services that are now examining and validating each physical task required to quality.

G.I. Jane is no longer just a movie; it is going to be real life.  This means that the Department of the Navy does not only want the women in service to look like men; they want her to fight like them as well.

“My notion is, you set up gender neutral standards,” he added. “If you pass, you pass. I don’t care what shape you are. I don’t care what gender you are.”

And so this is what it looks like when the best military in the world is defeated by politicians.