Democrats Tell Obama ‘Congress Should be Weighing In’ on Iran Deal!

At some point President Obama is going to have to realize that Congress will not let him act alone on Iran. Evert fragmented group within Congress has taken to the Sunday news shows to demand that the President let Congress in on what is happening and the response has even been bipartisan. Both Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals all feel that any deal with Iran must go through Congress if it’s actually going to work. This week on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Virginia Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) continued to push this simple truth… Obama needs to work with Congress.

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA): They don’t like the bill, and they don’t like me being on the bill, and they’ve made that very plain. However, when I started to work with Senator Corker on an earlier version that he had that I didn’t support, we started to work together in January, then we filed the bill in late February.

The White House has given me every bit of information I need when I’ve had questions about the technical aspects of the deal; they’ve provided information. They just have taken the position that Congress shouldn’t be weighing in on this.

My argument to them is, look, you’re negotiating over a Congressional statute. That is the core of this negotiation, what will Iran do to get out from under statutory sanctions, and if you’re negotiating over a Congressional act, Congress is going to be involved. The only question is will it be according to some deliberate process, or will it be under free-for-all rules and I think we’re trying to set up our deliberate process.