Democrats Push Bill they haven’t Read – Get Mad When they Learn What’s In It!

Hopefully, one of these days Senate Democrats will start reading the bills they are voting on. Sadly, that day hasn’t come yet.

Senate Democrats asked the Republican majority to bring an anti-human trafficking bill to the floor for a vote, and were likely pleased when Republicans agreed to do so. The bill was 68-pages long and had 13 Democrat’s cosponsoring, and most Republicans offering their full support. It was expected that the bill would easily pass and the measure would become law… that is, until the Democrats finally read the bill.

Apparently, Senate Democrats had neglected to even read the bill that they were hoping to pass, because at some point on Tuesday they suddenly realized that the bill contained language that would prevent federal funding of abortion. (While abortion is a controversial subject that usually splits Democrats and Republicans, the language included in this bill is quite usual for such measures.)

Democrats are complaining that Republicans got the abortion language into the bill in an underhanded fashion, but Republican Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) says it’s just not true.

 ”This idea that there has been some sort of an ambush is just preposterous,” he said on the floor Tuesday. “It’s just not credible.”

“Our Democratic friends have voted time, and time, and time, and time again for the exact same language they now say they’re going to filibuster on the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act,” he said on the floor Wednesday. “Language they said they weren’t aware of when they voted for it.”

“They didn’t read,” he continued. “Their staff didn’t tell them about it.”

Cornyn also said that the bill has been publicly available online for MONTHS!

Still, Democrats just can’t bring themselves to vote for an anti-human trafficking bill if it won’t let them murder babies. At this point, it’s a bit gratuitous, no? The Democrats desire to murder babies is so strong that they are willing to stand with people who are selling other people into slavery.

Do you still really think that the Democrat Party isn’t evil?