Democrat Congresswoman Rips the Obama Administrations Foreign Policy as “Counterproductive” and “Directly Helping ISIS and Al Qaeda”!

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has long been a thorn in the side of the Obama administration when it comes to subject of the war on terror. (See here and here to view Gabbard criticizing the administration’s policies on Islamic terrorism.) Rep. Gabbard is a member of the House Armed Service Committee and the House Foreign Affairs committee, but she is also one of only two women in Congress to have served in combat and today holds the rank of Major in the Army National Guard. All of this gives her a unique perspective on our foreign policy and on our military plans for ISIS in the war on terror.

In the wake of the attacks on Paris, Gabbard is again criticizing President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry’s Mideast policies. And she’s doing it well…

Tulsi Gabbard: They said they same thing about Iraq, they said the same thing about Qaddafi in Libya. Look at the state of these countries today. They have been overrun and are filled with chaos. And ISIS and Islamist extremist groups have only grown stronger in these countries and terrorizing the people there…

Jake Tapper: So the world woud be better with Qaddafi and Hussein [still alive]?

Tulsi Gabbard: ISIS, our enemy, would not be as strong as they are today if those actions were not taken to overthrow those secular dictators.

It’s counterproductive because it directly helps ISIS, al Qaeda, al Nusra, the Islamic extremist groups in Syria whose goal is to overthrow Assad, take over all of Syria, gain control of this whole territory, establish their Islamic caliphate and present a disastrous humanitarian crisis far worse than we’re seeing now. And a greater threat to the world.