Could Hillary Clinton Face Jail Time in Email Scandal?!

The Hillary Clinton scandal-palooza tour continues this week, with her latest scandal continuing to expand and bloat. The latest problems all stem from her decision as Secretary of State to use her private email accounts to accomplish government business. Contrary to federal law, Clinton and her closest staff members all used private email accounts during their years in the State Department. Laws against such an abuse were written to protect our people against an attempt by government officials to hide malfeasance and for security issues as most private email services don’t offer the same security as the government protected email accounts. (In fact, there is concern that the Clinton team’s email service had a fatal flaw and may have been hacked!)

George Washington University Professor Jonathan Turley says that the decision by the Clinton State Department to use private email accounts for the people’s business was “extraordinary” and “dangerous.”

The idea that a cabinet member would create her own system is pretty extraordinary and it’s also pretty dangerous. This is the type of thing that sends most security officers into orbit… this certainly runs against the grain of the federal law. It’s much more difficult to comply with those laws when you’re creating your own system and allowing your own people to manage it.



Judge Andrew Napolitano went even further with his analysis saying that this scandal could spell the end for Clinton’s political future… and mean time in prison for the former First Lady!

The other problem that she faces is far more serious, and that is, a conspiracy to deflect documents, to conceal documents from government computers, by keeping them from the government computers. That exposes her to three years in jail, per document. And a conviction exposes her to disqualification from holding office in the future, under the United States of America…

You just ran a clip of Greta [van Susteren] interviewing Congressman [Trey] Gowdy. He’s right, when you subpoena you don’t know if you get everything. Unless you send the FBI a search warrant as they did to General Petraeus you won’t know if you get everything. The flip side of this is, unless somebody prosecutes Mrs. Clinton, these legal matters are hypothetical only. If somebody prosecutes her, they are grave for her political future.



While many of us on the conservative side of the aisle already believed that Hillary Clinton deserved to be in prison for her part in the Benghazi debacle, most of us never thought it would happen. This email scandal could actually send Hillary to prison! The question is, will our neutered Republican Congress or the Obama Justice Department actually pursue charges against Mrs. Clinton for her crimes?