Conservatives and Liberals Agree – the USA should Abandon Iranian Nuclear Talks

It appears that the only people on the planet who believe that President Obama should be pursuing nuclear negotiations with Iran all reside within the Obama administration or Iran! As of Wednesday, France, Germany, Russia and China have all backed away from the negotiations, citing Iranian demands as the source of the problems. Israel and her Arab neighbors have, for the first time, come to an agreement on something — that Obama’s negotiations with Iran are a very bad idea. Even in America, both Republicans and Democrats are demanding that the Obama administration put an end to this farce of a negotiation and resume the path that had been working previously… international sanctions.

Allow Iran to go back to being a pariah, like their friends in North Korea, Syria and Venezuela (and Cuba).

How unanimous is the agreement on this? Well, here’s conservative favorite Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas suggesting a better road for the Obama administration to be walking as it pertains to Iran.

“The decision to extend the nuclear negotiations in the face of Iranian intransigence and duplicity proves once again that Iran is calling the shots. Just weeks ago President Obama said ‘I don’t see a further extension being useful.’ And today the State Department admitted that ‘there are several difficult issues still remaining’ in the negotiations. Given the dangerous concessions by the Obama administration over the past week, one can only imagine what further concessions it will make in the next 24 hours to resolve these issues.

“The best solution is walk away from the nuclear negotiations now and return to a position of strength. We should reinstate existing sanctions suspended under the Joint Plan of Action and Congress should act immediately to impose new sanctions. It’s time for the United States to regain the upper hand and quit negotiating out of weakness.”



And, lest you believe that this is just the Republican answer to the Iran question, listen to what the very liberal Democrat, Howard Dean, had to say about the issue on Wednesday.



Joe Scarborough: Howard Dean, let’s bring you in to play everybody’s favorite game on the Morning Joe set: “Why is Joe wrong?” I’m going to ask you this question. We tried this yesterday with David Ignatius. It was kind of halfway in. I’ve got a feeling you are going to go all in. 

So I’m going to say something, you tell me why I’m wrong. I think John Kerry and Barack Obama are far, far too eager for a deal with Iran and could actually get a better deal if they walked away from the table and possibly came back later. Why am I wrong, Howard? 

Howard Dean: I actually think you’re right about that.

Joe Scarborough: Damn! I can’t get anybody to play this game.

Howard Dean: I’ll tell you why.

Joe Scarborough: Okay. Tell me why, Howard. 

Howard Dean: Because, you know, I think the United States is negotiating for a much stronger than we were four years ago.

Joe Scarborough: Exactly.

Howard Dean: And the reason for that is these guys are desperate to get rid of the sanctions. And what they did was reminded me of a sort of a New York real estate person. You come in at the closing and you say I’ll take another 10,000 or else — at the closing, right?…

So I am worried about this. I do think it makes sense to be at the negotiating table. I think the rhetoric on Capitol Hill is silly…

I think Obama is right to try to get a deal. I’m worried about the way these negotiations have gone and I think that Joe is right, probably step away from the table and say, okay. You’re not backing off on sending you the uranium to Russia and we’ll get rid of the sanctions at our own pace. I agree.


So, President Obama, what do you say? Are you going to listen to everyone and get up from the table and walk away? Or will you continue to thumb your nose at us and do the deal, consequences be damned?