Conservative says He’s Not Partisan – He’s an Ideologue!


I am a big fan of Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) of Kentucky. He’s a very consistent conservative, even if on some of the more high profile issues it may seem like he leans toward the center. In fact, on the Heritage Action Scorecard (one of the best ways to evaluate just how conservative or liberal your representatives are) he scores a 93% (the Republican average is only 72%). So, while Thomas Massie may get called a liberal by some… he’s obviously about as conservative as they come in Congress.

The media website Buzzfeed just did an interesting piece on Massie, calling him the “Democrats’ New Go-To Republican” that has met with some mixed reaction with the GOP Establishment.

Massie is not particularly well-liked by Republican leadership. He’s twice voted against John Boehner for speaker. He’s at the center of a group of Republicans that tends to infuriate his conference leadership and won’t hesitate to vote against their priorities if he doesn’t agree with them. He’s proud of all of that and smiles broadly when he notes that he’ll “never be the guy on a conference committee or a committee chairman.”

Here’s the thing. While Massie (and several other very conservative Congressmen like Justin Amash, Rand Paul, Ted Yoho, Matt Salmon, David Schweikert and a few others) will happily work with Democrats, it’s not as though they do this on every issue. Massie finds common ground on issues like free speech, NSA mass surveillance (which violates the 1st and 4th Amendment), hemp usage, and certain civil rights issues.

He argues that he’s not a Republican so much as he is a conservative.

“Sometimes people can confuse partisans with ideologues,” Massie said in an interview. “Here’s the difference between a partisan and an ideologue: An ideologue reads the bill, every word, period and section; a partisan reads the whip recommendation.”

“No one should ever confuse me with a partisan; I’m clearly an ideologue. That means if something I care about lines up with something a Democrat cares about there’s nothing that gets in the way of us working together,” he said.

We need more men and women like Massie willing to stand AGAINST the Republicans on important conservative issues… even if it means standing with Democrats (as crazy as that sounds). Hooray for Thomas Massie and other conservatives like him who are willing to stand for conservative values, even when the GOP establishment turns against them.