CNN Blasts Hillary Clinton Hypocrisy – As She Takes Campaign Money from Nations that Support Terrorism!

The National Journal’s brilliant Ron Fournier was a guest on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Thursday with a panel of guests discussing the shady way in which Hillary Clinton and her family (husband Bill and daughter Chelsea) raised funds to support their luxurious lifestyle, as well as her personal campaign for the White House. Fournier reminded the panel, and the rest of America, that the Clinton’s willingly accept money from states that supposedly support terrorism and routinely abuse the rights of their citizens.

It’s honestly the ultimate political (and persona) hypocrisy.



John King: It’s not so much the foreign governments, it is the governments’ practices, human rights records, treatment of their own people. The economic relationship, strategic relationship, people say well is that a conflict of interest, more importantly, if she wants to make the case that she can break the glass ceiling. 
Ron Fournier: A lot of these countries support terrorism — she [Hillary] is on record saying they support terrorism, and yet she has taken money from them. I just don’t get it.

John King: Well we’ll see if that one changes, we’ll see some push-back from the Clintons I can expect on that one.