Is The CIA Report An Attempt To Make Self-Defense Illegal?

There has been a lot of noises made concerning the recently released report on CIA interrogation methods. It has been reported that there was no intelligence gained, which stopped any terrorist attack. It also has been reported that the people accused of plotting or perpetrating attacks against America were mistreated. Tortured for information, which was either not obtained or was of no tactical or military use.

Let me state that I am not an advocate of torture, of anyone. It has been proven to be ineffective as the tortured will give false information if he has none to get the pain to stop. It seems that we have to be better than the monsters we fight. I have to state this upfront so that there will not be any confusion by what I am about to say.

I believe that this is at best a false understanding of what occurs and at worse a malicious attempt to discredit those defending us. I have not come to this conclusion simply because I want it to be true, but because it can be shown to be true.

There has been no organized attack on U.S. soil since 2001.

Granted, there have been attacks against America and its interests around the world, but not inside our borders. I also have the qualification of being organized. That is a part of a terror cell, organization, or country.

Yes, there have been lone nuts, but not like we saw on 9/11. This points to the fact that there has been some success in thwarting such attacks. I can not speak for all Americans, but I remember 9/11. I am personally glad, whatever actions were taken to stop such attacks were taken.

We have to ask two and only two questions when considering this issue. The first has to do with those “tortured.” Are they legal combatants? The question is at the heart of the issue and very much the deciding factor on how we should view and feel about this report (If we believe it at all).

We must understand that the Geneva Convention is very clear on the handling of civilians attacking strategic targets. They are illegal combatants and have no rights whatsoever. So the question that has been raised concerning war criminals in our services is asinine.

The second question is harder to discern. Why this report? What did this serve in keeping us safe? It would be understandable if Iran had backed this investigation. They would have something to gain by slandering our intelligence community. I would like to believe that Feinstein and company was simply too stupid to know the effect this report would have.

Had this report been done as a means of checking the actions of one part of the government by another, in the interest of better protecting all people, then all this could have been handled internally. But this was made public for a reason.

It is no secret that there has been a move to make the action of self-defense illegal internationally. The very act of fighting off those who would destroy you and your way of life is being criminalized. At the same time, the aggressor is justified and made the victim. This has happened with Israel for years and now is accruing with the people who risk everything for our safety. This has to stop, or it will be illegal to prevent the destruction of our way of life.