Christian’s Stand in Texas against Muslim Fundraiser

It is astonishing how little the mainstream media is talking about the backlash Muslim events are receiving in Texas. God fearing Texans are protesting the use of public buildings for Muslim events. This was fueled by the Sharia-law board or tribunal that was convened in Breitbart, Texas. This was reported by

Breitbart Texas confirmed Tuesday that “an Islamic Tribunal using Sharia law” is indeed operating in Texas. But not to worry: an attorney for the tribunal assures us that participation is “voluntary.” This is how it starts. This is how it started in the United Kingdom. When Sharia courts were instituted there, Muslim and non-Muslim officials alike all assured the British public and the world that they would be voluntary, restricted to matters involving non-criminal matters, and subject to the British courts. Any areas in which British law and Sharia law conflicted would be referred not to the Sharia courts, but to the British courts.

Then there was the event that took place in Austin Texas. The 11th annual Muslim Capital Day. There were protestors there as well. But one woman went further. Tim Brown reported:

A Christian woman took over the podium at the 11th annual Texas Muslim Capitol Day event on Thursday and declared, “”Islam will never dominate the United States and by the grace of God, it will never dominate Texas.”

You already know this bold and brave woman from an earlier stand she took at the National Cathedral in Washington. Her name is Christine Weick.

The 50-year-old approached the podium, grabbed the microphone and said, “I proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over the Capitol of Texas. I stand against Islam and the false prophet Mohammad. Islam will never dominate the United States and by the grace of God, it will not dominate Texas.” The woman then walked away and joined the other protester.

Now has reported another Muslim event was disrupted.

Hundreds protested on Saturday outside of a Muslim conference in Garland, Texas that was intended to combat American “Islamophobia.”

“Stand With the Prophet Against Terror and Hate” was held at the Curtis Culwell Center on Saturday and was reportedly a sold out event.

This event was touted as an effort to raise money to defend the faith. Their website read.

“Prophet Muhammad inspires love and devotion in the hearts of Muslims, peace be upon him; unfortunately, Islamophobes have turned him into an object of hate,” it continues. “Hate groups in the U.S. have invested at least $160 million dollars to attack our prophet and Islam. Isn’t it time we invested in defending our faith?”

I have said for years that this problem would continue to get worse. And though the Muslim believes that all the world will be Muslim, the media ignores such events. The Muslims are seeking peaceful and non-peaceful means of seeing this achieved, and the liberals want to separate them. We must stand, like Christians in Texas have done. These protesters have not closed their eyes to the work the Islamists are doing. They have sought to stop the advance of Islam and Sharia law in Texas. further reports:

Tim Lee, who also is a Vietnam veteran, also told the publication that he feared what might become of the nation in light of the insurgency of Islam.

“America was built upon God and the word of God, not Allah, not Muhammad.” He said. “The Muslim religion is a religion of death. They kill people, innocent people, little children, chop heads off, and we are going to bring this to Garland, Texas?”

With the violence these kind of events have led to in Europe, how is these observations not apparent to all people? How do you explain the media’s blindness, except willful blindness?  Why, in an effort to be pluralistic, do we have to accept those who will lead to our destruction? How do we not see that peace in Islam only comes through submission to Islam?