Chinese Company Donated $2 MILLION to Clinton Foundation in 2013

Oh boy.

I bet Hillary Clinton is super trustworthy and in no way corrupted by the MILLIONS of dollars she’s receive from overseas interests. A few weeks ago (just before the email scandal broke), we learned that the Clinton family had been accepting hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of dollars from shady nations that we consider our enemies. Well, the American people might consider the dealing shady, but apparently for Hillary Clinton her deals with MidEast despots was just the tip of the iceberg.

She also rakes in millions of dollars from China!

Here’s CBS reporting on the dastardly story

A CBS News investigation has found that at least one foreign company with close ties to its government has been giving generously to the foundation run by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.

One donor – Rilin Enterprises- pledged $2 million in 2013 to the Clinton Foundation’s endowment. The company is a privately-held Chinese construction and trade conglomerate and run by billionaire Wang Wenliang, who is also a delegate to the Chinese parliament. Public records show the firm has spent $1.4 million since 2012, lobbying Congress and the State Department. The firm owns a strategic port along the border with North Korea and was also one of the contractors that built the Chinese embassy in Washington.

That contract is a direct tie to the Chinese government, according to Jim Mann, who has written several books on China’s relationship with the U.S.



This story has continued to get worse the longer it has been out there as public knowledge. First it was a few enemy countries that had given a few hundred thousand dollars to the Clintons, now it’s the Chinese government footing the bill for the Clintons lavish lifestyle!