Children in Charlotte Protected in Restrooms

It has seemed to be heading in the wrong direction. Over the last year, things that should have been easily overturned or dismissed have been passing. It had gotten to the point that you feel as though anything could happen. So when I reported that Charlotte City Council was set to vote on transgender bathroom rights, I felt sure that it would pass into law. Though there were a few hold outs

Officials in Charlotte, North Carolina are considering additional wording for its existing non-discrimination ordinance that would allow men who identify as women and vice versa to have “restroom choice” in public.

I pointed out that:

The Sodomites continue to push us further and further down this road. We have seen that this will continue to lead us to more and more acceptance of sin. Now they would endanger our children. Even if we excuse, as the liberal does, the fact that most sodomites are also pedophiles; why would you think a pedophile will not use this law to have ready access to new victims? We are at a point of no return. After our sons and daughters are raped, we cannot undo this wrong.

Well it seems that God has granted us a reprieve from our downward spiral.

Christian News reports

According to the Charlotte Observer, nearly 40,000 emails on both sides of the issue had been sent to city council from residents. By Monday, 120 people had signed up to speak at the council meeting about the proposal. The public comment period took over four hours.

There of course was passion on both sides. Both sides of the issue feel as though they have right on their side, but only one side can be right. We both cannot be right. If I am obeying God, then there is little else to discuss. This was the position of some.

“It is evil to allow men into women’s restrooms,” Adam Tennant told those gathered. “You’re going to stand before a holy God on the day of judgment.”

“This small minority of people want to use the government to bully and overcome the majority and overcome the law of God,” said Ante Pavkovic.

“Anti-discrimination laws exist to protect people, not your religious beliefs,” asserted Barbara Green. “Keep your faith but do what is right.”

Here is the problem when you have a society that is built on what man thinks. If we have ourselves as the standard, then we will be stuck trying to feel our way through in utter darkness. God has not left us to figure these things out for ourselves. He has blessed us with his Holy Word. It is when Christians have left this as their guild that we wind up with what we have in America.

In my recent book, An Eternal Covenant, I discuss such issues.