Atheist Dawkins is Finding that He May has Proved too much

We all can be guilty of shortsighted actions. It has, I am sure, happened to the best and brightest. We think that we know what is the best for all, and acting find that we have made things worse. This is the situation for famed Atheist, Richard Dawkins. Breitbart reports In a text that is coursing about on social media, professional God-slayer Richard Dawkins begrudgingly admitted that Christianity may actually be our best defense against aberrant forms of religion that threaten the world. “There Read more […]

10 Killed in Terrorist Attack in Turkey

The confusion in the Middle East makes the war in Vietnam look clean cut and strait forward. Many of the players are both allies with a group and enemies of that group’s allies all at the same time. Russia’s involvement has not made things clearer, but murkier. And no one really knows what the Turks are doing. They are a partner of the U.S. lead coalition against ISIS, but their actions can be seen as counter intuitive. They have attacked Kurdish fighters inside of Syria. The Kurds are one of Read more […]

Shooter Claims Islam as his Motive, but the Left Says that Guns are the Cause

Sometimes, things are said so much that they begin to sound plausible. Ridiculous things like: “We will have to spend our way out of debt.” They sound like the insane ramblings of the mentally challenged, but people like the sound of spending more money they do not have. This causes them to believe or pretend to believe that these things are true. And while there is no doubt that we are seeing things go from bad to worse with crime and terror, the latest mental vomit to come from the Left is the Read more […]

Did a Blacksmith Just Prove 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Wrong in Under 3 Minutes

In the decade and a half since the 9/11 tragedy we’ve heard many conspiracy theories bandied about on the Internet and in the mainstream media. The most prevalent among them is the one that argues that “jet fuel” doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel. It’s true, but as one blacksmith recently explained, that doesn’t really matter. While the jet fuel doesn’t actually melt the steel it does heat it to a hot enough temperature to destroy the structural integrity of the steel – proving Read more […]

10 Times the Number that Obama wants to Bring in are here from Syria

Many, myself included, have made much about the 10,000 refugees the administration has announced would be coming from U.N. refugee camps in Europe, people who have allegedly escaped their country and are seeking a better life. The problem is that these people could be anyone. We have no way of verifying their papers or their past. But what is worse is that it might be too late. Fox reports Some 102,313 Syrians were granted admission to the U.S. as legal permanent residents or through programs Read more […]

DHS Refused to Check the Social Media of Visa Applicants, and Such a Search Could have Prevented the San Bernardino Massacre

We have become a country that is bound to our devices. We have to check in wherever we go. We have to update our status or tweet a picture of where we are. It is what psychiatrist would call megalomania. This incessant need to be at the center of everyone’s attention. Always wanting everyone (even people we would not talk to in public) to know what we are doing. And we do not seem to care the consequences. Most colleges and businesses have begun to ask applicants for the password to all their Read more […]

Obama Absent from San Bernardino Funerals

In the wake of what has been calling unprecedented gun violence, the President has been seen at several funerals. He even spoke at the Charleston Massacre Memorial. But it seems that the President has been somewhat choosy about which funerals to attend. If there were a racial issue that he could exploit, he or someone from his administration would be there. If there was a speech about our great need to ban guns, he was there. But, if it is just a time of national mourning, he is too busy. Breitbart Read more […]

Former Gitmo Prisoner Back in the Fight Against the West

We all knew that it would happen. This is hardly news when you think about it for a minute. Who did not know that if you imprison a man, he will tell you anything to be released? When you add in the fact that religion is stirred into this, then one could hardly expect anything different. The Miami Herald reports A former Guantanamo detainee who was released to Sudan after a war court guilty plea has emerged in a key position in al-Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula, according to an expert on jihadist Read more […]

What should we Think of Syrian Vetting when the Strictest Visa Path was Used by San Bernardino Shooter

As we have on several occasions looked at the Syrian Refugee crisis, most of us should understand the concern.  For most Americans, it has little to do with the nationality, religion, or color of the refugees.  Most of us are concerned that these people could be embedded agents of ISIS.  Then, all that they would need to do is live here among us until a soft target presented itself.  But, what do we think when we are faced with the way that Malik the San Bernardino shooter entered our country? Latino Read more […]

San Bernardino Shooter Received $28k Just Days Before Attack

Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the shooters last Wednesday in San Bernardino that left 14 dead and 17 injured, received a wire transfer of $28,500 just two weeks before his fatal attack. Citing a source “close to the investigation,” Fox News says Nov. 18 Farook had $28,500 placed in his bank account from On Nov. 20 he took out $10,000 in cash, and in the days leading up to the attack he made a series of $5,000 transfers to his mother. Fox says FBI investigators are still trying Read more […]

Obama Tries to Reassure Americans that all that can be done About ISIS is being Done, While Our Air Force is running out of Bombs

I think that it is time to check and make sure that there is not something medically wrong with the President. Obama has shown himself to be a very intelligent person in the past. I know that his policies and ideology are stupid, but he has been smart enough to implement these foolish ideas while we did nothing. Not too stupid. But as of late, it seems that there could be no way that his timing could be worse. First, he tells the American people in an interview that ISIS is contained. Less than Read more […]

Texas Removed its Request for Restraining Order on Syrian Resettlement

It is somewhat comparable to a city or town knocking on the door and demanding that you house strangers. But, worse, you are told that you are not allowed to find out anything about them before they get there. You have no clues to their history. You know nothing about what they believe or like. You are asked to trust your officials to have placed you and your family in a safe position. And it seems all that Texas can do is take it and deal with the fallout. Fox 4 reports Texas stopped trying Read more […]

CAIR Official Blames West for Terror Attacks

I have always tried to remember that there are always two sides. When we come to a disagreement or hostilities, there is rarely a guilty and a non-guilty party. Usually, there are those who are more or less guilty, but it seems farfetched to say that America and the West have contributed to the cause of terror. But this is what a CAIR spokesman said today. Fox reports In a Friday CNN interview, Hussam Ayloush, of the group’s Los Angeles chapter, said American foreign policy has helped fuel the Read more […]

California Shooters May Have Radical Islamic Links

Though there is still no real clear facts on the reason behind the mass shooting in San Bernardino Yesterday, there is beginning to be some speculation. It was first believed to be strictly work related. This would have made the most sense, being that the people targeted were coworkers of the shooter. But then there is the Islamic link. Now we are left to wonder what this couple was seeking to accomplish. The New York Times reports While investigators were still searching for a motive, a picture Read more […]