Bernie Sanders Unveils $1.38 Trillion Medicare-For-All Plan

Just hours before the last Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses, 2016 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders rolled out his Medicare-for-all plan Sunday. The federally administered, single-payer health-care program, which is designed to mirror the system already in place for seniors, is slated to cost a whopping $1.38 trillion a year according to the campaign. The Vermont senator plans to pay for the plan with a 6.2 percent income based premium paid for by employers, which he says would Read more […]

Finally, the Call to Dismantle the Congress has begun

With so much political turmoil in our country, there is much that we could complain about. The infuriating politicizing of every event or topic. The constant backbiting and arguing with little progress. The standing for as lapdogs or against as bulldogs of the presidential agenda. These and other things have caused many in America too long for bygone or entirely new days. With many of the presidential actions over the last several decades, we have seen a definite negation of the Congress. Presidents, Read more […]

Democratic Candidates Turn on Obama over Deportations

In a race to see who could give away more to people who have not earned their way, we should not be surprised at this reaction. The three primary candidates for the DNC nomination have shown themselves to be more than willing to hand out our money. It has reached a point of madness in the debates. They sound like divorced parents seeking to buy the affection of their children. So that they are upset Obama is finally going to follow the law is hardly a shock. The Washington Post reported The Department Read more […]

Student Activists Claim that Education was a Human Right

It should come as no surprise that the Left is using the youth of America to move us further and further from our moorings. Having no real life experience aside from living with their mommy, the college crowd is ripe for the picking. If the Left is going to continue to remake our country into a socialist “Utopia,” they will need useful idiots. And they seem to have an endless supply on our college campuses. The best tactic the Left has used in recent is the “Human Rights” struggle. Any and everyone Read more […]

Is Sanders Moving in On Clinton in New Hampshire?

There seemed to be no way out of it.  No one was going to be able to out campaign, out publicize and out work Hillary Clinton.  Then in came a person no one had heard of, and the Democratic Primaries turned into a fight.  In 2008, there seemed little chance that there existed a candidate that could hold their own with Clinton, but there was, and he has been president for seven years.  But could it be possible that the nomination could be denied her again?  It is looking a little more likely. The Read more […]

What is Liberty University Doing Allowing Socialist Bernie Sanders to Speak to It’s Student Body?

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the far-left leaning presidential candidate from Vermont, payed a visit to Liberty University Monday morning in an attempt to woo students at the traditionally conservative institution. Sanders, who has been gaining momentum in the polls, acknowledged his views on social issues differed with most of the largely-Christian student body, but tried to find some commonalities on topics like income disparity. “I believe in women’s rights and the right of a woman to control Read more […]

Obama Threatens Veto and Shut Down if Congress does not Open Your Pocketbook to His Socialist Policies

People do not like to admit the fact most of our tax monies go to propping up socialist/big government programs.  Social Security, welfare, unemployment, public education and government housing are all socialistic programs.  Programs that would be better and more successful in private hands, but have been handed over to the State to force our compliance to give into what it deems right.  And now, to further this spend crazy progressive policy, our president is once again setting up his dupes on Read more […]

Obama Claims that Medicare and Medicaid are Doing Fine

In his most recent weekly address President Obama took the time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Meidcare and Medicaid by saying the opposite of what politicians on both sides of the aisle have been saying for years. The President argued in his speech that Medicare and Medicaid are not in “crisis” and doing quite well.     This week, there was a big birthday you might have missed. Medicare and Medicaid turned 50 years old. And that’s something worth celebrating. If Read more […]

Virginia Follows the PC Line Concerning the Battle Flag

There has been much made about the Confederate Battle flag.  Some see it as a symbol of hatred while others see it as a symbol of resistance to tyranny.  There is no doubt that black people have good reason to believe that the former is true.  The flag was and is used by hate groups.  At the same time, many Southerners are face with the true history of the flag.  These groups are not giving a fair hearing and have now been stripped of the right to display their affiliation with one another. The Read more […]

Chicago Pastor Tries Everything to Stop the Killing; Everything but the Right Thing

It may come off as insensitive.  It may seem crass.  But I think that at this stage, we need to be blunt.  There are way too many lives at stake.  Men, women and children are dying at an increasing rate.  Shootings in Chicago have reached an unreal proportion, and one priest is seeking to bring it to an end. Fox reports Father Michael Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina on Chicago’s South Side, is trying something new; pressuring the municipalities where he says the illegal guns originate. He Read more […]

Illegal Immigrant Supporters Tries to Shout Down Coulter Book Signing

In the history of our country, we have mostly been able to debate out our differences.  There have been a few exceptions to this.  The War Between the States, the Civil Rights Movement of the ’60, just to name a few.  But by and large we as Americans have had the blessing of seeking to bring about the best for all while hearing all.  But, that has changed.  And this change has shown why Democracies never last.  It is the talking heads and the one who shouts the loudest that win.  And they Read more […]

Hypocritical Union Seeks to Escape Wage Hike that it Fought to get Passed

When you fight for a rule, it is assumed that you yourself are willing and even wanting to live under the rule.  If you try to get out of doing the thing that you are opposing on another, then you are a hypocrite.  So, when the union picketed and fought to get the minimum wage raised to fifteen dollars, it was assumed that they were seeking the same for all workers.  But this is found to not be true. Fox reports Union leaders in Los Angeles are being accused of hypocrisy after being caught Read more […]

Soros Owes Billions through Tax Loophole Closing

George Soros is a man adamant that the government is the best agent to alleviate the needs of the poor. He believes that the government can discover, evaluate, and relieve want in our country. Because of this strongly held and voiced belief, Soros wants the rich to pay more and more taxes. They have more, so they can best provide for the lifting up of the downtrodden. Soros has frequently come out and said that the rich should carry an increasingly heavier burden and that the government should raise Read more […]

Ben Carson Scares Both GOP and Left with His Unfiltered Truth

When people talk about the Primary season and who the GOP field will be, there is one name that is almost forgotten. Ben Carson, the outspoken retired neurosurgeon, has made no secret his desire to run in 2016. He has been criticized for his off the cuff comparisons, which seem to have a duel effect. They make the leftist media cry foul and the GOP establishment cringe. In the past, he has made such comparisons as, the Nazi Government in Germany and the current U.S. government. This brought much Read more […]