DC Politician Calls Man ‘White Supremist’ For Live-Tweeting A Meeting

A low-level District of Columbia politician long known for her crazy antics recently stormed out of a meeting and called a man a “whitesupremist” [sic] for tweeting about the meeting. Audio recorded at a May meeting of an Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting shows commissioner Kathy Henderson berating two men for simply recording the deeds of government officials. “You know something? You do this deliberately. I know you sit here, sit here innocently like you’re just recording something. Read more […]

Black Philosophy Professor Calls for White Americans to Recognize the Racist Poison Inside them All

There is nothing wrong with seeking to understand a problem or situation thoroughly. To take and examine a situation and draw logical conclusions is a part of human nature. But, to over analyze things can be dangerous. And if we draw logical but incorrect conclusions from our sustained thinking, there can be dire consequences. This happened to a group of people in the early part of the last century. After years of being told that they as a people were physically and mentally superior to their Read more […]

Dinesh D’Souza Proves the Insanity Liberal College Political Correctness

Brilliant conservative Dinesh D’Souza recently visited Amherst College to speak about the cultural/political collapse that liberals are forcing upon our nation. During the question and answer segment of his time with Amherst’s students, D’Souza thoroughly wrecked the idea that “white privilege” is a problem that the culture at large should be “fixing.” D’Souza uses logic and history to thoroughly dismantle the liberal fallacies being propagated on our campuses and happily makes one Read more […]

African-American Professor Blasts President Obama and Politically Correct Politics

Professor Carol Swain is a professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University. She recently appeared on Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine where she excoriated the Obama administration and the left. Professor Swain argued that the liberal push for creating a politically correct culture is actually making our nation a far more dangerous place to live. Speaking of Donald Trump’s argument that we use profiling against terrorists: “I believe he is right in the sense Read more […]

Poland Refusing to Honor EU Resettlement Plan

Many times when deciding whether or not a political move or decision is a good one or not, one simply has to apply the idea to their own household. Do you consistently spend out more than you bring in every month? Do you think that it is a good idea to do so? Would you bring your enemy into your house after he has let someone burn his to the ground?  No?  Then why would we do the same as a nation or a group of nations? Poland has asked the same question. Slate reports Poland’s government Read more […]

It’s Beginning to Look Like the Entire Mizzou Debacle was Invented by One Angry Attention Starved Student

A week or so ago, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was trying to figure out exactly why the president and chancellor at the University of Missouri had become so controversial and hated. In the midst of discussing what happened at Mizzou, one thing became abundantly clear… not much had actually happened. In fact, the problem really boiled down to two isolated incidents involving racial epithets. However, the genesis of these racism stories came from a student who now has some very serious believability Read more […]

Lt. Col. Allen West on Black Lives Matter: “All Lives Matter”

There are a few very good resons why conservatives LOVE Lt. Col. (and former Congressman) Allen West. He has always stood for us, even when it could hurt him, and he has always chosen to do what is right over what was easy. He is a man of honor and respect who has had to deal with undeserved attacks on his character from the liberal ad hominem machine, but he’s never lowered himself to their level. Recently West was asked about a question that came up during the first Democrat presidential debate Read more […]

S.F. Principal Shows Us that Diversity has Nothing to do with Tolerance but Nullification of White People

As we grew up, we found that it was only when others pointed it out that there were any differences with people.  Some of us might have more pigment than others, others might have a different texture of hair.  But all in all, we all had the same likes and dislikes mostly.  So, when people started talking about Affirmative Action and diversity, most people saw that there was a need. Over the last several years, we have found that the word diversity has become a catch all Leftist phrase.  It Read more […]

Carson Angers Liberals by Giving His Opinion

Many agree with Ben Carson’s sentiments concerning a Muslim president.  Not many would be very comfortable with a Muslim in the White House.  It is unlikely that there will be one (besides the one we have) at least not if he was honest with the people about his faith.  So what did Carson say that has made people so upset? NBC News reports Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said he would not support a Muslim as President of the United States. Responding to a question on “Meet Read more […]

Police Union Boycotts Obama’s Speech

When you are seeking to destroy all the institutions of a nation, you are bound to burn a bridge or two.  There is no way around angering someone that supported your rise to power.  When your stated goal is to fundamentally change America, those who safe guard America necessarily will be in your crosshairs.  And there are some police that have taken notice of the president’s callous attitude toward the recent police deaths in America. The Breitbart reports The New England Police Benevolent Read more […]

Has the Race War Begun in Texas?

Over the past several decades, we have faced the prospect that men of different colors and cultures would find it more beneficial to war with one another in this country than to live together.  Ultimately, we know that this is a foolish concept, but one that many have promoted. Some have even sought to ignite the fire of race war in our time. There were the horrific acts of murder perpetrated by those following Charlie Manson.  He thought that if the right people were murdered and the blacks Read more […]

Virginia Shooter Blames Charleston Shooting for his Actions

Most of us know what it feels like to feel anger over an event.  When something happens that you think is wrong, you might at first want to lash out at the nearest target.  But, you like most people are able to refrain from such action.  You know that it is not that person’s fault that said event happened.  We also do not take a random event and make it the excuse for killing others.  But this was not the case for a Virginia man who killed two people this morning. The Washington Times reports In Read more […]

Liberal Media says Trump Supporters are Just “Disgruntled” White People

Ah, the liberal media and their animosity toward conservatives. And so I think what you have with Trump and what I see as his base, is not just the far right, but the right, and it’s a lot of Republicans who are disgruntled with the Republican party. It’s white Republicans. It’s mostly white male Republicans and it’s basically white Americans who feel left out of Obama’s America, who are peeved with the fact that their preferred party can’t seem to beat Obama and who want to hear a guy be Read more […]

Minister’s Request to Remove Racist Photo Reveals Leftist Hypocrisy

There has been much made of the last few months concerning images of racism.  The Confederate Battle Flag has been the center of much in the news and on people’s minds.  The main problem is the idea that these things cause people to commit acts of violence.  There has also been the call for monuments and statues commemorating Confederate soldiers and leaders to be removed from public land. And though I have a place of sympathy for those who have been taught a warped view of the War Between Read more […]