MSNBC Liberals Mock the Democrat Party on their Debate Mess!

The folks on MSNBC’s Morning Joe seemed absolutely gleeful as they mocked the Democrat National Committee as their (primarily Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz) decision to limit the number of debates among the Democrat candidates continued to backfire. With Hillary Clinton’s campaign continuing to falter and socialist Bernie Sanders continuing to gain on her paltry lead the DNC is beginning to get nervous and has started openly discussing the idea of adding debates to the schedule! “The DNC Read more […]

Left Using Flint Water Crisis as a Political Club

There is a clear indication that Clinton has not slowed her thug mob tactics, even in the face of possible indictment. She and several other liberal politicians have sought to make the suffering of Flint Michigan a political issue. They do this completely ignoring the facts. Their call is very much a reversal of the way in which they have view the countries crisis in the past. Fox reports Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were the latest to go after Snyder. During Sunday Read more […]

Trump Claims Another Scalp: ABC Dumps Partnership With Hostile Paper

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is claiming another scalp: getting a hostile newspaper removed from participation in an upcoming Republican debate. ABC News planned to have the Feb. 6 Republican debate at St. Anselm College in Manchester be co-branded with the New Hampshire Union Leader. The branding was largely superficial; the paper wasn’t going to contribute any questions or have any personnel participate as moderators. Still, it would have lent local New Hampshire character Read more […]

Author, Humorist and Radio Show Host Calls Donald Trump a “Joke”

I will admit to something that will doubtless make me a bit less popular – I am a big fan of public radio’s most famous and creative son, Garrison Keillor. I have thoroughly enjoyed much of his work, even when its colored with his liberal political leanings, but his most recent dalliance outside of radio may hurt his image across the country. In an op-ed for USA Today, Keillor compared Trump to former Minnesota Governor (and Wrestling bad guy) Jesse “the Body” Ventura as equally egotistical Read more […]

Hillary Ordered Staffers to Break Law with Classified Documents

This long drawn out process of checking Hillary’s emails continues. It seems to be the most divisive of topics. Those on the Left herald her as a hero and those on the Right as a crook. I have reported that at the very least she has been guilty of bad judgement and that most likely she has broken the law. And now it seems that there is a smoking gun to prove this is the case. Breitbart reports The latest Hillary Clinton document dump occurred in the wee hours of Friday morning, and contains what Read more […]

Donald Trump Finally Runs his First TV Advertisement and it’s Truly Trumptastic!

  As if Donald Trump doesn’t already dominate the media airwaves, now he’s actively creating TV advertisements for his campaign. The first one is out, and it is a doozy. In it, the Trump campaign takes comments usually made to disparage him like; ‘he wants to stop all Muslim migration’ and ‘He wants to take the oil in the Middle East’ and most famously, ‘He wants to build a wall with Mexico,’ and he turns them into positive arguments. It’s truly amazing to see his rhetorical Read more […]

Turkish President Denies he was Using Hitler’s Germany as a good Example

It is a frustrating thing when others hear what we say but apparently misconstrued your meaning. Especially frustrating are the comments made in a public setting. There are times when we say things that can be taken as the opposite meaning. The reason for this is that when we go off script, it can sound right in our heads, but come out completely wrong. The Turkish presidency is claiming this to be the case. Breitbart reports Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, who is pushing for executive powers, Read more […]

Donald Trump Rambles and Rants in Epic Tirade Against a New Hampshire Newspaper

  Be prepared to hear and see one of the most epic (and perhaps tragic) rants of all time. If you can’t tell from the following video, Trump is not happy with the New Hampshire Union Leader’s decision to endorse Chris Christie over him. “You have a very dishonest newspaper up here. It’s also a failing newspaper – it’s really going down the tubers. I remember when this was a big paper. Look at the size of this thing, it’s so thin. If they cut any more out of it you won’t be able Read more […]

Black Philosophy Professor Calls for White Americans to Recognize the Racist Poison Inside them All

There is nothing wrong with seeking to understand a problem or situation thoroughly. To take and examine a situation and draw logical conclusions is a part of human nature. But, to over analyze things can be dangerous. And if we draw logical but incorrect conclusions from our sustained thinking, there can be dire consequences. This happened to a group of people in the early part of the last century. After years of being told that they as a people were physically and mentally superior to their Read more […]

Michigan ACLU Muslim Deputy Director Refuses to Condemn Terrorist Acts

Many times, as we deal with those who are on the other side of an issue, we can begin to see things from their point of view. This is not to say that their arguments are convincing, but we can put ourselves in their shoes and understand where they are coming from. People of different races and religions would do well to hear what the other is saying about their beliefs and positions. However, there are those that seem to have left all realm of reality. Breitbart reports: Rana Elmir, an American Read more […]

New Liberal Talking Point: Bill Clinton’s Not Sexist, He Just Really Likes Women

  This is a new argument on what it means to be sexist. During a conversation on CNN that centered on Donald Trump’s recent statement that Bill Clinton is a sexist, CNN anchor Deborah Feyerick tried very hard to deflect any criticism of the former President. In fact, she tried so hard that she may have invented a new defense for sex criminals everywhere… ‘I wasn’t sexually assaulting her. I just really, really like women.’ No seriously, that is what Feyerick said. “First Read more […]

Ann Coulter Takes on the Liberal Media over Trump “Racism”

Ann Coulter was not having it when, while a guest on BBC, a reporter for BBC NewsNight implied that Donald Trump was using racist rhetoric to fuel his campaign. Evan Davis: I want to talk about the language and the tone of the campaign. You have used words referring to Muslims –people of Arab descent– as ragheads and camel-jockeys. IS that right? Ann Coulter: Well, it was a joke, and it was a funny joke, and people laughed. I think you really have to give the full context of my remarks. Evan Read more […]

What if All “Gun Violence” Ads were this Honest?

  “Once again I edit myself into an anti-gun, anti-freedom vague celebrity packed PSA. They make this too easy. If you enjoyed my Demand A Plan parody, you’ll love this!” Conservative Internet star Sunny has produced yet another hilarious video slamming liberals for their fascist tendencies. This time around she took on the recent celebrity ad that argued “We Can End Gun Violence” by pointing out that all of the ideas that liberals come up are meant to keep guns out of law abiding Read more […]

FBI Proves Link between Terrorists and Mosque

Despite the Herculean efforts on the part of the administration, law enforcement, and much of the Left-wing media, most Americans recognize the connection between terrorism and Islam. I know that not all terror activity ever perpetrated in history is Islamic. I acknowledge that there has been a history of non-Muslim terrorists. But, by and large, the majority of terror threats and attacks in recent history have been perpetrated Muslims. So, that there is actually a Mosque connected to the latest Read more […]