Mastermind of Paris Attacks Used Refugees to Enter France

It is hard not to rub this in the face of all those liberals who were so smug about the migrants. When you tell them that the crisis would be the perfect way for terrorists to infiltrate the EU, they would scoff and act like this could never happen. But, now that it has, one feels sick at the prospect of saying I told you so. I wanted to be wrong, but we have learned that I was not. Fox reports The suspected mastermind of last week’s Paris massacre, and some of the other attackers, had exploited Read more […]

Poland Refusing to Honor EU Resettlement Plan

Many times when deciding whether or not a political move or decision is a good one or not, one simply has to apply the idea to their own household. Do you consistently spend out more than you bring in every month? Do you think that it is a good idea to do so? Would you bring your enemy into your house after he has let someone burn his to the ground?  No?  Then why would we do the same as a nation or a group of nations? Poland has asked the same question. Slate reports Poland’s government Read more […]

Can the States Reject Syrian Refugees?

There has always been a great fear among Americans that the Muslims coming into our country might have terrorist ties. Who knows what they might think or what their motive might be for coming to America. This has not been at any time more acutely felt since 9/11 as it is today. With the attacks in Paris, Americans fear the thought of Syrian refugees entering the country. And our leaders, at least at the state level have heard the people. Fox reports Several governors say that they will not Read more […]

Ted Cruz’s 3-Step Plan to Stop Illegal Immigration is Genius

In recent days Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz has faced a variety of criticisms from his GOP competitors claiming that he once supported amnesty. This is patently untrue. Ted Cruz has NEVER supported amnesty, and he has always stood against the corrupt DC amnesty-mongers. Over at his website he recently revealed his 3-step plan to end illegal immigration and bring some sanity back to the immigration process. “It’s not that we don’t know how to solve illegal immigration. What Read more […]

Sweden the Next Country to Reintroduce Border Checks

Many countries have faced the hardship of dealing with the migrant crisis in Europe. Hungary’s answer was to close their border. Other nations have done the same. But, one nation has stuck to their political guns. Believing that there is room for everybody, Sweden has competed with Germany as the most welcoming nations in the EU. But as I reported, Sweden is having difficulty finding a place for them. So what are they to do? Breitbart reports Sweden is to reintroduce border controls at its southern Read more […]

Court Ruled that Executive Amnesty is Illegal

As soon as most Americans heard the President’s speech on his executive order, there was an immediate recognition that something was not right. It was very wrong in fact. What was wrong was the idea that the Executive Branch of the government, namely the President, was making law. The Executive Branch does not nor has it ever had such power. Its job is to ensure that the laws, passed by the Legislative Branch are executed. Twenty-Seven states filed a lawsuit seeking to block this illegal action. Read more […]

Officials Covered up Terrorist Caught among Migrants

Anyone with half a brain has realized the stark danger that European immigration policy has placed Western civilization. Migrants have since late Spring been pouring into Southern Europe. And being that the EU has no border checks between member countries, these Muslims have been moving virtually unchecked. Until recently, there had been no accounting for who was entering the EU and from where. And though many have sought to warn and even as Hungary has shut down its border, many have been in Read more […]

Obama Admin Sued For Citizenship-Push Records

Judicial Watch is suing the Obama administration for records related to a current U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services push to get as many immigrants as possible to apply for citizenship. USCIS acknowledged it received a Freedom of Information Act request from Judicial Watch in May for the records, but did not produce the records or intent to withhold the records in a timely manner, so Judicial Watch has filed suit. The FOIA requested records related to a letter USCIS sent to green card Read more […]

Jindal Compares Illegal Immigration to an Invasion

Like Europe, we have to begin to look at the Immigration to our country in a real light. We have to stop being so emotional and truly look at what is happening. It is a difficult task. I know many good people that have come to our country and been law abiding. They are truly seeking to make a better way of life for themselves and their families. I understand the heartache associated with split families and denied visas. But, we also see the lawlessness, and the stealing of jobs, from both natural Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Promises to Defend “Law Abiding” Illegal Immigrants

I kid you not, Hillary Clinton really did call illegal immigrants, “law abiding.” Here’s the full comment: “I am going to back and support what President Obama has done to protect DREAMers and their families, to use executive action to prevent deportation. And I have said that if we cannot get comprehensive immigration reform as we need, and as we should, with a real path to citizenship that will actually grow our economy — then I will go as far as I can, even beyond President Obama, to Read more […]

Migrants Refuse Swedish Accommodations

Have you ever had the pleasure of hosting an ungrateful house guest?  Nothing in your home is good enough for them.  They wish the food was better.  The water is not hot enough for them.  You keep it too hot in the house.  You keep it too cold in the house.  The sheets in their bed itch them.  It is too noisy in your area.  It is too quiet in your area. And though you might have even looked forward to their coming before they arrived, you just wish they would leave.  So much so that you Read more […]

German Pastor Calls Migrants Predatory Hordes

With what seems like a never-ending supply, Migrants from the Middle East and North Africa continue to stream into the EU.  With Hungary closing the direct route to Germany, the migrants are streaming into eastern countries.  Slovenia and Croatia are struggling to manage the thousands that are entering them every day. Breitbart reports The tiny nation of Slovenia has received 60,000 Middle Eastern and North African migrants in the past week. Thousands remain stranded near the Austrian border, Read more […]

Ayn Rand’s Nightmare Coming True Through Bail for Illegal Immigrants

As one reads through Atlas Shrugged, There comes a point in the story when men are afraid to act.  They know that no matter the decision they make, they will come under fire and probably lose their precious job.  The job was precious because the bureaucrats had bogged industries down with laws and regulations that many were out of work.  And those in power had centralized all decision making to the point that no one would make a decision.  Well, this fictitious situation is now reality in our Read more […]

Could this be the Beginning of the End for Sweden?

Many have predicted that in just a few generations (if not sooner) the European nations might completely disappear.  With birth rates under sustainable levels in almost every European country, many have predicted the vanishing of French, Dutch, English, and Scandinavian cultures.  But, the clock has been sped up by the recent Migration of Syrian and Afghan Muslims. Sweden, like many of their neighbors, has desperately sought to adhere to their leftist values.  They believe strongly in social Read more […]