Appeals Court Upholds Violation of Religious Freedom

One would think that as a business owner you would have the liberty not to work for anyone that you choose. But, based on the hard fought rights of blacks during the Civil Rights movement, the sodomite now has the right to make someone do almost anything. This is being seen once again in New York. Christian News reports Robert and Cynthia Gifford, who are Roman Catholics, own Liberty Ridge Farms in Schaghticoke, a 50-acre facility that hosts a number of family-friendly attractions. In 2012, Jennie Read more […]

Anglican Church Takes Stand against Sodomite Unions

The Church of England has struggled with many issues over the last decade. They have fractured over ordaining women and other such matters. But, nothing has been more divisive than the question of sodomite unions. The question of whether to allow and conduct such things has caused the Episcopal Church to be at odds with much of the rest of the Anglican Fellowship. There has been for many years a call by some to do something about the American’s Church’s stance on the issue. Finally, there has Read more […]

SunTrust Bank is Siding with Gays and Against Religious Freedom

By: Gary DeMar of Godfather Politics If I played and won the $700 million Power Ball lottery, I would not put my winnings in SunTrust Bank. In fact, I’m in the process of moving my accounts to another bank. Why? Because SunTrust Bank is pushing the same-sex agenda in Georgia. You may remember the story about David and Jason Benham who got booted from HGTV because of pressure from a left-wing pro-homosexual anti-Christian group. The Benham brothers did not lash out. They believed in principle Read more […]

New Private School in Atlanta for Homosexual Children to Open Next Year

I have always seen things a little different that many of my fellow Baptists. While many of the SBC has been screaming for prayer in State Schools, I have been screaming for the closing of State Schools. I have nothing against those who teach and/or use the State School. Many see it as the only real option. But, I do not think that it is the States job to educate our children. Rather, I would have us all use private and homeschooling. This would do several things. It would drive the cost of education Read more […]

Washington State Forces Transgender Compliance for all Statewide

It was a stated concern for those who saw the rise of transgender rights. The idea that the transgender would demand the use of the facility of the sex they identified with rather than the one with which they were born. And now, it is not just the transgender but the state. Christian News reports The Washington Human Rights Commission has issued statewide rules requiring that public facilities allow males who identify as female and vice versa be allowed to use the restroom that is consistent Read more […]

Moore Orders Alabama Judges to Cease Issuing Sodomite Marriage License

Roy Moore is no stranger to the news, especially when it comes to the legal battles of Christians. Moore is most famous for his stand on a Ten Commandment monument. He has once again taken up the fight against sodomite unions in Alabama. The Huffington Post reports The chief justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court issued an administrative order on Wednesday barring state judges from issuing same-sex marriage licenses, in contravention of the broadly accepted meaning of a June 2015 U.S. Supreme Court Read more […]

Atlanta To Feature New Sodomite School With Optional Homework, Tests

A private school opening in Atlanta says it is going to be a first-of-its-kind school targeted specifically at homosexual, bisexual and transgender teenagers. Pride School Atlanta says it hopes to appeal to students who feel bullied or isolated for their sexuality at regular schools. The school’s mission statement is “to provide LGBTQQIAA students, families and educators a safe, fun and rigorous learning environment free of homophobia and transphobia.” “LGBTQQIAA,” in this case, is shorthand Read more […]

Religious Freedom no Longer Means what It Used to

When I went to school, I was taught that in America, one had the right to believe what they wanted. We are free to exercise that freedom within reason. We, of course, could not harm others physically, but outside of that kind of thing, religion was not to be interfered with by the government. That is now changing, and you will not be surprised why. Christian News reports A prominent homosexual advocacy group is calling upon the U.S. Department of Education to release the names of religious schools Read more […]

Boston Doctor Fired for Telling the Truth about the Health Dangers of Being Gay

We live in a world that neither believes the truth nor want to hear the truth. There was a time that people could give facts and not fear reprisal, but that day has passed. We live in an age where all we do is good and right. Nothing you wish to do is wrong as long as you do not hurt someone else. Well, unless you want to smoke crack, Marijuana, or tobacco. These things doctors and scientists have determined are harmful to your health. This is the reason that the government has outlawed them or Read more […]

Satanist Group Met On State House Steps to Call for End of Christian Right’s Influence

It never ceases to amaze me; the fact that nonbelievers will use Christian ideas and language in their attempt to denounce Christianity. The atheist and pagan borrow from Christianity in an effort to prop up their own belief system. They will talk about justice, right and wrong, and morality when there is no possibility of such things in their worldview. If there is no God, there is not right or wrong. There is no injustice if there is no judge. If we can do what we want and determine our own Read more […]

A County in Tennessee Calls on State to Defend them from Supreme Court

For many, the idea of government is one extension after another. They see government as one magistrate under a higher magistrate. This is not wholly untrue, but it can lead to some bad conclusions. Though there are levels of authority and magistrates that are placed under the authority of another, their allegiance is not to the greater magistrates. Because these lesser magistrates do not swear allegiance to the greater, their responsibility is not to them, but to something else. They are responsible Read more […]

Transgender Students not Accommodated at Christian Colleges

In many of our public institutions of education, we have seen a fearful trend. Boys claiming to be girls and vice versa have been allowed to share restrooms and locker rooms with the opposite sex. Though the possible ramifications could be disastrous to both the transgender and their classmates, our court system has forced these institutions to accommodate these false claims. But not all colleges have faced this tyranny. Fox reports Nearly three dozen religious colleges and universities in 20 Read more […]

Christian Response to the Claim that Jesus “Never” Condemned Homosexuality

One of the claims we politically and culturally active Christians often run into is the idea that “Jesus never”… (add your pet issue here). The most common time this argument is used generally occurs when the subject of homosexuality (and gay marriage) comes up. This is patently false – because Jesus is God, God is the ultimate author of the Scriptures, and the Scriptures are full of examples of calling any sexual behavior outside of marriage, sin. Beyond that though… it is demonstrably Read more […]

Colorado Clerk Defying FFRF Fear Tactic

We all have our choice to make when it comes to the issue of marriage. Are we going to allow the society determine our definition? Are we going to do what is right in our own eyes? For the Christian, neither of these are viable options. When we come to the issue of marriage, we must determine what is right by what God has revealed to us in His word, the Bible. Outside the Scriptures, there is only confusion and opinion. So, when a man is faced with a situation where he is trapped between the law Read more […]