Chris Christie Refuses to Say He ‘Stands with the NRA’

  So, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) sat down with CBS’ John Dickerson over the weekend when Dickerson pushed on the one issue that Christie was most hoping to avoid. Guns. Dickerson found Christie’s weak point and pressed, causing the Governor some discomfort. When Dickerson wondered why Christie had distanced himself from the NRA and 2nd Amendment supporting Americans, Christie demurred. “I’ve learned about this over time. In New Jersey, I have grown up in a culture Read more […]

Ouch. Pundit says Obama’s “Not Asleep at the Wheel, He’s Not at the Wheel at All…”

  Boy, Fox News Pundit Charles Krauthammer certainly has a way with words, doesn’t he? In the aftermath of the unveiling of President Obama’s ridiculous gun grabbing scheme, Krauthammer took to Fox News to dissect and demolish the President’s plans. Bret Baier: “Isn’t it fair to say though, that this President with the time he has left, with his lack of power on Capitol Hill, is not coming after peoples’ guns!” Charles Krauthammer: “He’s not successfully done that but he Read more […]

Shooter Claims Islam as his Motive, but the Left Says that Guns are the Cause

Sometimes, things are said so much that they begin to sound plausible. Ridiculous things like: “We will have to spend our way out of debt.” They sound like the insane ramblings of the mentally challenged, but people like the sound of spending more money they do not have. This causes them to believe or pretend to believe that these things are true. And while there is no doubt that we are seeing things go from bad to worse with crime and terror, the latest mental vomit to come from the Left is the Read more […]

Stricter Gun Regulations Punish the Law-abiding

Does it not always seem to be the way things go: those who are doing what they should, pay because others do not? And this appears to be the idea behind the President’s new gun restrictions. Forget for a moment that this is illegal and will not remain law if there is a Republican in the White House after this year. But, focus instead on what it claims to be doing to stop gun violence. Fox reports “Everybody should have to abide by the same rules,” Obama said. The president, speaking at the White Read more […]

Hypocrite? Chris Christie calls President Obama a Petulant Child on Gun Control, Even though New Jersey has Draconian Gun Laws Too!

  I’m with anyone who wants to bash President Obama for deciding to act like an emperor instead of a president and “going it alone” on gun control. Obama is pathologically self-absorbed and seems to believe that he alone understands what is best for everyone else, no matter what their opinions on the issue might be. On gun control Obama has shown himself to truly believe that he has the powers of some tin pot dictator from a 3rd world banana republic. He recently announced that he would Read more […]

Obama Announces his Executive Gun Control Plans for 2016

Hey everybody! President Obama has just released his most recent address from the White House, and it’s a disgusting New Year’s gift for America. In this week’s address President Obama sounds a happy note as he tells all America he is preparing to strip us of our God-given rights. I am fired up for the year that stretches out before us. That’s because of what we’ve accomplished together over the past seven… And all across America, survivors of gun violence and those who lost a child, Read more […]

Executive Orders on Gun Laws Coming in the New Year

We must not begin to think that the Left cares one bit about the people killed in the gun violence this year. I know that we hear a lot from them on the topic, but this is no more than an attempt to use these tragedies as a means to accomplish the things that they want to get done. They wish to, as many European countries have done, relieve the citizenry of their firearms. And now, the Administration is once again seeking to do what they want by speaking law into existence. CNN Reports President Read more […]

Virginia Lawmaker Takes Stand against Virginia anti-Gun Executive Orders

It is sad to see how bad American politics has sunk. We as a people have become so divided over almost every issue. Race, religion, guns, and money all work to cause infighting and name calling. It has been that this was mostly for the federal level politics, but even local government is now getting involved. And one Virginia Senator is taking a radical approach to see his governor live consistently. Fox reports A Virginia state senator has thrown down the gauntlet with Democratic Gov. Terry Read more […]

California Will Have Legal Power to Take Firearms Without Hearing from Owner

Many have advocated some sort of gun law or change in legislation that would stop the mass shootings that have become common place in our country. They have said that there should be a way that the state could intervene in some of these cases. This intervention would be lifesaving to the victims. California feels that it has the answer. Breitbart reports Beginning January 1, police in California may confiscate firearms from gun owners thought to be a danger to themselves or others without giving Read more […]

What if All “Gun Violence” Ads were this Honest?

  “Once again I edit myself into an anti-gun, anti-freedom vague celebrity packed PSA. They make this too easy. If you enjoyed my Demand A Plan parody, you’ll love this!” Conservative Internet star Sunny has produced yet another hilarious video slamming liberals for their fascist tendencies. This time around she took on the recent celebrity ad that argued “We Can End Gun Violence” by pointing out that all of the ideas that liberals come up are meant to keep guns out of law abiding Read more […]

Seattle takes Lead from Chicago on Gun Violence

It is hard to imagine a more violent place than Chicago, Illinois. The death rate there is astronomical, and they are clearly the murder capital of America, according to the Daily Beast. You would be hard pressed to point to Chicago as a reason to have stricter gun laws. Chicago is the capital of modern liberal politics. There are few, if any, cities with stricter gun laws. Despite this, the City of Seattle, Washington has borrowed from Chicago to deal with their own rising gun violence. Fox reports A Read more […]

White House Press Secretary Can’t Explain How No-Fly No-Buy Regulations will stop Mass Shootings

President Obama has done everything in his power to restrict gun ownership throughout his time in the White House. And for the most part, he has utterly failed over and over again. He hasn’t had any trouble expanding our government in countless other ways, but try as he might, his administration can’t seem to make a dent in the edifice of America’s gun culture. Which is why he has given up on changing the rules through any proper channel. After failing to get Congress to do his bidding, Read more […]

Gun Control Follies: White House Can’t Name One Shooting their Measures would have Prevented!

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was put in a tough spot this past week when he was asked to defend President Obama’s stupid gun control ideas. The Wall Street Journal’s Byron Tau told Earnest that Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) had recently argued that all of the measures being parroted on the left would have been completely ineffective at stopping any of the recent mass shootings in the nation — a statement many in the media have found inconvenient but impossible to debunk. Tau then Read more […]

Jerry Falwell Jr. Makes Waves with “End those Muslim” Comments

Those of us who carry a firearm do not do so because we want an opportunity to use that weapon on another person. There is, I suppose, the rare few who think that they want to have to draw their gun, but most of us have just simply decided that we are not going to be victimized because we are unarmed. When we live in one of the few countries in the world where self-defense is recognized as a right, we exercise that right. So, when most people hear someone express their willingness to defend themselves Read more […]