Obama: Combating Climate Change is Going to Save the West from ISIS

There are times when we hear people say things, and we wonder where they get such nonsense from. How could they draw the conclusion that they have on the subject? It is almost as if these people are stupid, or they think that their audience is stupid. I will let you decide which is the case. CNN reports: Combating climate change will prove to be a rebuttal of terrorist efforts, President Barack Obamadeclared at the opening of a major climate summit in Paris. “What greater rejection Read more […]

Obama’s Pipeline Decision Reminds us that he is an Ideologue

When seeking to bash our current administration, we find that it is not a difficult thing to do. When you compare their economics and their views on government oversight and control, socialism quickly comes to mind. When you think of their views on military power and world politics, Barney comes to mind. But when you look at their view on the environment religious kooks come to mind. And this was once again emphasized for us with Obama’s delayed decision on the Keystone Pipeline. Breitbart Read more […]

EPA Administrator Rips Taxpayers for Thousands in Travel Costs

With eco-alarmists screaming that the sky is falling, and the oceans are rising, one would think that the agency established to safeguard against environmental abuse would be the first to cut out unnecessary travel.  Those guarding us against total environmental meltdown should be the most careful.  Yet, we are finding that they are the worst of hypocrites.  Not only are they dumping toxic waste into the Colorado River, now they are jet-setting. The Fox reports An Environmental Protection Read more […]

Navy Chaplain Exonerated of Guilt Saving his Career

Over the last several years, it has seemed as though there was a push to remove Christians from the military.  Many in service have seen that their views were less and less welcome in military life.  The reason is the drastic change in policy concerning sodomy.  As the military changed its stance on service members being openly homosexual, the chaplains have had to tone down their criticism of such actions.  But one chaplain is finding that his actions were not worthy of censure. World Net Read more […]

The Gold King Mine not the First time EPA dumped Toxic Waste in Area

Several weeks ago, there was this false hope that the EPA was actually protecting our natural resources from those who would callously exploit it for profit.  We now know that this was a pipe dream and that the agency has been actively dumping for at least ten years.  This came to light as we reported the spill caused by the EPA at Gold King Mine. Now, we find out that this was not the first time that this kind of thing has happened.  We now find another cover-up in this administration. Watchdog Read more […]

Obama Commits US To Even Deeper CO2 Cuts To Appease UN

The Obama administration is unveiling a new regulatory agenda Monday that touts cuts to carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, all in an effort to show the U.S. is ready to “lead on climate action.” The announcement comes with less than five months until the United Nations climate summit in Paris this year. The EPA’s so-called Clean Power requires states to cut CO2 emissions from power plants 32 percent below 2005 levels by 2030, a slightly more aggressive target than the agency initially Read more […]

O’Malley Blames Climate Change for Rise of ISIS

If you have never had to stand and give answers on the fly, it might be hard to understand some of the stupid things people say during an interview.  Sometimes your mind just shuts down and the excess stupid floats to the top.  You say things you are immediately regretful of, but it is too late.  So, we will see that Martin O’Malley’s comments yesterday was not one of those times.  We know this because he just kept going; the stupid just kept coming. The Hill reports In an interview with Read more […]

Republicans Question The ‘Secret’ Science Behind EPA’s $300 Billion Regulatory Agenda

Republican lawmakers are once again questioning the “secret science” used by the Environmental Protection Agency to justify some of the costliest Clean Air Act regulations in history. “The most expensive rules coming out of the EPA rely on secret science,” Sen. Jim Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican, told FoxNews.com in a statement. “Americans deserve to have access to technical information and data being used to develop EPA rules that significantly impact their daily lives.” Inhofe’s statement Read more […]

States are Reconsidering Renewable Energy as Tax-Payers Pay for Energy Twice

The global warming wheels continue to come off the proverbial cart.  With temps holding steady in almost all regions over ten years.  And no polar cap melting since they began measuring in the late-70’s.  There have been many waking to the possibility that even if there has been warming, we are not likely as responsible as we first thought.  Now, with the predictable outcome that renewables are not self-sufficient, many states are rethinking their policies. The Washington Times reports A Read more […]

The Eco-Nazis at the EPA Granted More Power by Obama

While many in America on both sides of the aisle have expressed concern over the overreach of Obama’s executive orders, few have said a word concerning all the regulatory power given out by him.  When a president grants an agency regulatory power, they are granting power to make law.  So when the president continues to grant the EPA more oversight, he is giving them more and more power.  And it has happened again. The Washington Times reports  The Obama administration declared Wednesday Read more […]

Democrat Senators Use Conservative Think Tank To Promote A Carbon Tax

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Democratic senators found an unusual place to announce their legislation to tax carbon dioxide emissions: a prominent D.C.-based conservative think tank. The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) hosted an event on a carbon tax which Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse and Brian Schatz used a platform to announce legislation taxing carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels. The senators argued their choice of unveiling the bill at AEI was a sort of olive branch to conservatives on Read more […]

EPA Four Year Report Could not Find Any Danger in Fracking for Drinking Water

It is always a difficult process to endure when you are being studied.  Especially when the person doing the study wishes to shut you down.  It is not that they take their job serious or consider it important to do a good job, they want to stop you because they think you are evil.  Well, this was the atmosphere for the fracking industry.  But, at least for now, they should be able to breath a little easier. The National Review reports  the report — which took four years and likely cost Read more […]

Now that Progressive Policy has all but Dried up California, Obama Gives EPA Progressives Sweeping Power Over All Water

As I reported, the lack of future looking water reservoirs in California has led to their recent droughts being much more painful than needed.  The lack of political will to face the Eco-Nazis has cause a virtual moratorium on dams in the state.  This has led to water shortages.  In my earlier article, I pointed out that the inaction has had no measurable effect on the wildlife nor environment. I wrote   Once again, at least in California, fish come before people. The cost to farmers is Read more […]

Atheist Group Sues to Have Religious Ads on Pennsylvania Buses and Reveal Their War on Church

For year the ACLU along with their atheist clients have argued that the public square was no place religious discussion. That signs and pictures encouraging or promoting a particular religious view was offensive and a violation of the “Separation Clause.” Many churches and schools have found themselves coming under the ire of such groups. But now things have changed, and this change shows the real goal of both the atheist and the ACLU. Christian News reports An atheist group has sued a transit Read more […]