The Case for Western Civilization

I was doing some research in preparation for rejoining the real world following my prolonged Christmas vacation, and I came across a very interesting article over at Foreign

Titled “10 Wars to Watch in 2015,” the article profiles the places on the planet where Foreign believes violence is most likely to break out this year: 1. Syria, Iraq, Islamic State 2. Ukraine 3. South Sudan 4. Nigeria 5. Somalia 6. Democratic Republic of Congo 7. Afghanistan 8. Yemen 9. Libya 10. Venezuela.

As you read through the in-depth analysis of the events on the ground in each of these potential warzones, you can’t help but wonder if these places have something in common which we could learn from to avoid any potential bloodshed.

On the surface the answer would be appear to be no. For example, there are overwhelmingly white and black populations on the list, as well as overwhelmingly Christian and Muslim ones. There are fledgling democracies and Marxist regimes, too.

This diversity would seem to reinforce the politically correct assertions from American Leftists that culture is culture, and to claim one culture is superior to another is intolerant. However, if you dig deeper you’ll find a hidden truth is revealed, for this diverse set of cultures actually does have something in common.

And it’s the very reason why they’re on the list. None of these nations has consistent cultural ties to Western Civilization.