Brown Student Calls for a Ban on ROTC on Campus

It has often been said that as the generations pass we lose some of the understanding that won us our freedom. Young people, pumped up with information and very little experience, begin to despise the thing that protects and provides its liberty. These young people lash out in anger at the organizations and structures that allow them to lash out. Those things that have many times over won and defended their freedom, these they now hate. This is illustrated for us in the op-ed piece written by Peter Makhlouf, a student at Brown.

Fox reports:

Makhlouf is calling for the campus to ban the ROTC programs.

“By outlawing ROTC and its byproducts on our campus, we have the opportunity to maintain and strengthen a tradition of refusing to capitulate to the increasing demands of military engagement in today’s global agenda,” Makhlouf wrote in The Brown Daily Herald.

The more I read of this piece, the more I am convinced that it is possible to be smart and clueless at the same time. Makhlouf is clearly regurgitating the leftist lies he has been fed by some do nothing professor. He thinks that military service is something to be shunned and ridiculed. He also seems to equate those who would serve with a certain political persuasion.

He continues:

“Admittedly, Brown is more active than most schools though the overwhelmingly centrist nature of our campus’ political discourse should be further reason for opposing military presence. The push for normalizing militarism on our campus needs to be opposed because Brown students are so often unsure of their political leanings.”

I readily confess that every service member that I have met is politically conservative, but this is not necessarily the case. And even if it was, this still does not answer the critical question. How is freedom maintained in the face of evil? And I believe that this gets at the heart of Makhlouf’s problem. He has the same answer as most liberals to the problem, ignore it, and it will go away.

Makhlouf wrote:

At a time when we most need a brave intelligentsia to speak out against the craven acts of U.S. imperialism, the thought of extending the poisonous branches of the armed services to our campus should be wholly denounced.

It seems that Makhlouf dug up a speech from the sixties. He thinks as did our President, that if we simply quit having a military, we will not have people seeking our destruction. This is a poisonous idea. Makhlouf used the militarization of the police as a reason to ban the ROTC. And it is clear that this young man is more afraid of the smothering of liberalism on Brown’s campus than anything else.

Makhlouf is a typical liberal brat. He has no idea how it is that he can go to a liberal college and wag his condemning finger at the men and women who have suffered and died to give him that right. His daddy’s money is buying his education as sure as the thousands who have bought his freedom. He probably gives that man no more respect than he does those who risk life and limb for his freedom.

God willing, Mr. Makhlouf will pull his head up from the sand or where ever he has shoved it and realize what freedom costs.