Bowe Bergdahl Continues to be an Embarrassment for the Obama Administration

Who remembers those halcyon days of the Bergdahl swap when the Obama team was so quick to pat themselves on the back for their “hard” work and their wise negotiations with the evil Taliban scourge? Within days, the Obama administration’s narrative of Bowe Bergdahl as rescued hero began to unravel, and now the average American knows that Bergdahl was a deserter and likely traitor. But now we know that the government has known since 2009 that Bergdahl was a likely traitor! Even knowing this, the Obama administration chose to call Bowe Bergdahl “a man of honor” who served with “honor and distinction.”

The Obama administration has been lying to us about Bergdahl the entire time. Just another example of the Obama Team’s willingness to lie, lie, lie when there are political points to be scored.



Bill O’Reilly: Talking Points is appalled that a man who may have collaborated with the enemy in Afghanistan was erroneously defined by the White House.

That’s deception because the investigation indicated criminal activity and none of that was presented to the American public.

Quite the opposite. We are told Sgt. Bergdahl is a man of honor.

But now the military has charged him with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, which could lead to life in prison for the sergeant.

This Bergdahl ruse is part of the reason that many, perhaps most, Americans no longer trust President Obama.

If we are going to be misled at that degree on Bergdahl, what about Iran, what about the War on Terror, what about the economy?

Benghazi was bad enough, the White House describing the attack as inspired by an anti-Muslim video. But at least that was issued in the fog of battle.

Bergdahl’s situation was known for years, yet the deception was perpetrated.