Bobby Jindal says Presidential Nominee should be a “Conservative Governor, Somebody Who’s Got A Proven Track Record”

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) was on Fox News’ Fox and Friends on Wednesday where he said that the next President should be someone very similar to Jindal himself.

“We need a president who wants to do something not just be somebody and so we’ve put a lot of thought into what the next president should do. I’m surprised others aren’t doing that…

I do tend to think our nominee, and I’ve been saying this for a while, should be a reform-minded, conservative governor, somebody who’s got a proven track record.”

Jindal’s comments came after the hosts asked him what kind of experiences the next President should bring to the table.



It’s nice to see Governor Jindal not pick the low-hanging fruit and attack his fellow GOP candidates, but only say that he hopes the voters pick a conservative, reform-minded candidate who can really change things in Washington. I hope the other candidates will follow his lead and choose to voice their own ideas instead of attacking their competitors.

I really like several of our likely candidates, but I think Bobby Jindal makes a very good case for his own candidacy. The real question isn’t whether or not Jindal can win over people like you and me, but also Independents, moderate Democrats and the establishment GOP.