Bobby Jindal Lays the SmackDown on Hillary Clinton!

Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) was on Fox News Wednesday when he got tossed a softball and he proceeded to hit it out of the park. When asked about the likely Democratic candidate for President, he gave what could be the best and most scathing response possible, saying the “only thing” that Clinton has ever run was Obama’s “failed foreign policy.”

There is a series of scandals, the most recent of which is Benghazi. The only thing she has ever ran was this president’s failed foreign policy. Where in the world are we better off?

Russia is on the march in Ukraine, she was at the center of the reset. China has ascended in Asia, we talk about the mess in the middle east with Iraq and Syria, and China is out there. This president is taking us on the path of socialism –turning the American dream into the European nightmare — with more and more government dependence. Give Bernie Sanders some credit — one of the reasons he is gaining on Hillary is because he is honest. He calls himself a socialist.