Bill Maher Destroys Hollywood Liberals and “Moderate” Islam!

(Please note that there are several clips of Bill Maher’s HBO show and so they contain some questionable and foul content. Please be forewarned.)

Bill Maher was on fire during Friday’s episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. He and his guests of course took the requisite time to pummel Republicans, conservatives and anyone else who stood in the way of liberal orthodoxy, but there were also a couple of moments where Maher seemingly caught a glimpse of conservative reality.

The first two moments have to do with Maher’s ongoing battle with liberals over the evils of radical Islam. Maher is one of the few liberal voices to be shouting out the dangers of appeasement when it comes to the war on terror and the dangers we face in the Muslim world. However, his liberal allies have been forcefully attacking him for being so vocal and it has cost him some of his liberal credibility.

On Friday he started by taking note of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi.


(The bit starts at 3:45)



Over in Saudi Arabia they have delayed the next public flogging. You heard about this? There was a blogger, a blogger who got flogged — say that 3 times fast — for insulting Islam and he got a 1,000 lashes. That’s the penalty. And of course you can’t do them all at once so they gave him 50. They’re supposed to give him 50 a week but they found out he still has not recovered from the first 50. So they delayed the next 50. See, there are moderate Muslims.

Bah-dum- tssshhh… (that’s a rimshot by the way…)


Later in the show Maher was speaking with guest Kathryn Bigelow who was one of the first female Directors to win an Oscar for directing when he brought up the idea that the Oscar’s might be racially biased.



BILL MAHER, HBO: Let me ask you about that because you’re one of the first women Oscar directors to win. A big controversy, not enough minorities. Is that something real or maybe there weren’t just black actors who were in a lot of movies this year.

KATHRYN BIGELOW, DIRECTOR: I think it’s very real.

MAHER: You do?

BIGELOW: I think it’s a real tragedy.

MAHER: So Hollywood liberals are such hypocrites then because they are the most liberal people in the world and yet they don’t vote for black people?


Those darn hypocritical racist Hollywood liberals!

Seriously? Does anyone think that the lack of black nominees is because of deep-seated racism? These liberals might be hypocritical and they might be vindictive… but they probably aren’t all racists. Maybe… just maybe… the best movies this year were movies that were filled mostly by white casts? Maybe it has nothing to do with racism?