Attorney Claims Kim Davis is Breaking the Law

An attorney for a deputy clerk in in Kim Davis’ office says the Kentucky clerk who was jailed for six days for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses has again broken the law.

Davis drew national attention when she was jailed by a judge for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses. The judge released her after her deputy clerks began issuing same-sex marriage licenses, but the judge warned Davis not to interfere with the licenses.

Davis returned to work Monday and now an attorney for one of the deputy clerks is saying Davis broke the law by altering the marriage licenses,CBS News reports.

Davis allegedly removed her name and the county’s name from the licenses. She has repeatedly said her issue with the licenses was that they put her name as endorsing same-sex marriage, something that would violate her conscience.

The attorney, however, says this makes the licenses void and thus violates the court order. If the judge finds her in contempt of court, Davis could go back to jail.

Davis has tried to get an accommodation for her beliefs, even saying the licenses could be issued under the authority of the governor or a court order, but so far she has had no luck.

“Are we not big enough, loving enough, and tolerant enough to find a way to accommodate my deeply held religious convictions?” Davis asked in a prepared statement upon her release from jail. “While my case may be the most visible right now, there are millions of people in public and private sectors that are in the same position and who also need reasonable accommodations.”