Arms to Ukraine Could Come From U.S. Sooner than Later, Possibly through U.A.E.

As we have reported several times, the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko is begging America and her western allies from NATO to assist in his countries rearming efforts. To this point, the answer has been a resounding no, from NATO. They know that such an action would only escalate Russian involvement. Well, with rumors of war again rising from Ukraine, the pressure is on the west to act.

Reuters reports

The second-highest ranking U.S. diplomat warned on Friday that pressure to arm Ukraine would increase if aggression from pro-Russian separatists persisted, even though Moscow would easily be able to send more weapons into the country than the West.

He said

“ . . . if the aggression continues, I think there will be more and more pressure to give them other means to protect themselves,” he said in the interview with DLF. [German radio]

This could mean that the U.S. would be sending lethal defensive equipment to assist Ukraine in her defense against Russian-backed separatists. It seems only logical that this equipment would come with training. This would mean trainers, or as the CIA likes to call them advisors. These kinds of development would mark the official start of the new cold war. We would be supplying a country or group to fight the Russians in a proxy war. And be sure that Russia would answer in kind.

But this may already be working itself out through a third party.

Motley Fool reports

Last week, in a development guaranteed to set conspiracy theorists to theorizing, Ukrainian representatives attending the International Defense Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi were reported to have signed a deal for “unspecified military and technical cooperation with the UAE,” according to Defense News.

Both sides deny that there is any U.S. made equipment being sold to Ukraine through the U.A.E., but it seems very possible that things are what they seem. Especially when we consider two things.

Motley Fool further reports

in recent years, the UAE has been trying to diversify its oil-based economy, developing a home-grown defense industry capable of, among other things, providing advanced “drone” aircraft technology to Russia itself.

More disturbingly, the fact that the UAE is itself a major buyer of weapons systems from the U.S.

At the same time, there are moves in Poland and the Balkans that raise concern.

In a separate article, Reuters reports

The German army is to put one of its battalions under Polish command, rapidly scaling up ties with Warsaw at a time of increasing fears in Eastern Europe over Russia.

This move marks:

. . . efforts by the two NATO members to boost familiarity with each other’s militaries and allow greater cross-border co-operation in future.

And even more alarming is the fact that NATO seems to be planning for an inevitable military invasion of one of its members

Reuters further reports

This was followed in September by plans to create a “spearhead” rapid reaction force and pre-positioning supplies and equipment in East European countries so they can be reinforced within days.

It would seem only logical that the U.S. would begin some covert arming of Ukraine if they felt that conflict with Russia was inevitable. The U.A.E. connection is unlikely as it is so visible, but you can bet there is a connection we do not see.

See what Washington meant by entangling treaties?