Armed Black Men in Ferguson Protect White Business from Rioters

A few amazing stories have played out in Ferguson, Missouri since the start of the unrest stemming from the shooting death of Michael Brown. One that has gotten a lot of attention in the media was the story of the young baker whose shop was burned down, but who the nation rallied around to help rebuild.



But there are other stories too. Like this one of gas station owner and white man Doug Merello.

Doug Merello owns a gas station in Ferguson, Missouri. Amazingly, while many other stores and homes were burning, Merello’s stood secure. He didn’t get robbed, it wasn’t burned down, it wasn’t even vandalized!

How was this possible? Tony at Bullets First has the story of good neighbors with guns keeping Merello’s gas station standing…

It was people doing the right thing.  In this case those people happened to be Derrick Johnson and his friends.

armed guardJohnson, a 6 foot 8 inch tall black man came to Merello’s aid because he feared that the mob might turn his attention to the gas station.  Of course, one man against a mob will easily be overrun no matter how big they are.  So when “Stretch” as Johnson’s friends call him, rolled up in his pickup truck he did just get out and hope for the best, he pulled out his AR-15 and made sure the mob got the point that this business would stand.

Johnson was aided in his defense of Merello by several other Ferguson residents, including RJ who carried a Taurus 9mm and Sean Turner who carried .40.  Once again, all three were black men defending a white store owner.

Why?  Because unlike the mob who had been so bamboozled by the race politics run amok over the past view years, Johnson, RJ and Turner saw past color and recognized hat a good man could lose everything.

Over the years Merello had employed several of them over the years and even when not in his employ Merello treated the area residents with respect.

RJ has spoken to this saying: “He’s a nice dude, he’s helped us a lot.”  RJ, 29, like the other volunteers have lived around the store for their entire life and have known Merello since his father bought the store in 1984.

What an amazing story of kindness and neighborliness. We need more stories like this and less of the variety being spewed from the race-baiting left.