Appeals Court Upholds Violation of Religious Freedom

One would think that as a business owner you would have the liberty not to work for anyone that you choose. But, based on the hard fought rights of blacks during the Civil Rights movement, the sodomite now has the right to make someone do almost anything. This is being seen once again in New York.

Christian News reports

Robert and Cynthia Gifford, who are Roman Catholics, own Liberty Ridge Farms in Schaghticoke, a 50-acre facility that hosts a number of family-friendly attractions. In 2012, Jennie McCarthy and Melisa Erwin of Albany contacted the facility to schedule their “wedding” ceremony, as the venue regularly hosts weddings and other outings, but when the Giffords realized that the two were lesbians, they informed the women that they could not be of assistance.

“That’s when [Cynthia] said, ‘Now we have a problem,'” Erwin explained. “This is a decision that my husband and I have made. …. [Y]ou can’t do it here.”

The problem does have two sides, and the way the sides look at things is really where the division lies. When you look at it from the Gifford’s side, what we find is not a stand of hate but principle. The Giffords believe that sodomy and sodomite unions are sinful. They believe that for them to take part in such things is to participate in sin.

The Left, on the other hand, have begun to portray sodomites as a class or race of people. They are inherently homosexual. They cannot help their behavior.  This gives them “race” status; therefore to deny them service is equal to denying service to a man based on the color of his skin.

And this is what has led to the original ruling in this case.

Christian News continued

In August 2014, Administrative Law Judge Migdalia Peres ruled in favor of the two women, despite the Gifford’s notation that hosting the ceremony would violate their religious beliefs.

“The policy to not allow same-sex marriage ceremonies on Liberty Ridge Farm is a denial of access to a place of public accommodation,” she wrote in her decision.

Now for the Giffords and most Christians this is the equivalent of being ordered to allow a murder on their property, but worse. They are told that they are not only to allow it but to take part. They must themselves facilitate and participate.

I can come to this conclusion very quickly. When we recognize that the Fifth and Sixth Commandments are both in the Ten Commandments and right next to each other, we should be able to draw the correlation.

To commit murder and to commit sexual sin are both sin and displeasing to God.  When we see this, then we stop seeing a difference. Yes, murder is socially more dangerous than sodomy in the mind of Americans, but is it in the eyes of God?

We have left off teaching the Law of God, and that is why we have become so lax in our understanding of them. We must return to the teaching of the law. I address this in my book: An Eternal Covenant.

This decision of the court was upheld recently.

Christian News reports

But on Thursday, the court unanimously upheld Peres’ ruling, stating that the Giffords are welcome to believe as they wish about marriage, but cannot live out those religious convictions in running their business—reducing religion to an opinion as opposed to a practice.

“The Giffords are free to adhere to and profess their religious beliefs that same-sex couples should not marry, but they must permit same-sex couples to marry on the premises if they choose to allow opposite-sex couples to do so,” Judge Karen Peters’ wrote.

This is a clear violation of the Giffords’ freedom of religion. They can believe what they want, but they are not free to practice what they believe. Once more, the bill of rights is silenced in the name of licentiousness.

There is no indication the Giffords have given up. They can appeal, but have yet to announce whether or not they will.

Please pray for them as they face some hard decisions.