Another Three Union Strongholds Falling to Right to Work May Cost UAW Money

There has been an ongoing battle in the Mid-West over whether to be Big Business or Big Labor.  There are many that have called the alarm over employee exploitation and the abuses of the rich which will come if Right to Work comes to these states.  On the other hand, there are those who think that a lot of their money has gone to the Unions to no effect.  Now three of those states are seeking to find out what the middle ground looks like.

Watchdog reports

The United Auto Workers may extend its current contract with the Big Three automakers, but that doesn’t mean UAW-represented employees in Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana have to continue to pay union dues.

This will mean that there will no longer be a requirement in those states on workers to pay Union dues.  They can freely choose to opt out of the union and keep their money.  This is a scary thing for some, as they say that the workers voice will be weakened.  But, it seems that it will actually give the worker more freedom to negotiate and keep his earnings.  But this is causing some Unions to come to the reality of lost dues.

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The UAW recently announced it will extend the expired four-year contract, which ended last week, on an “hour-by-hour basis” while the sides continue to negotiate a new pact.

But the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation wants workers to know the extension doesn’t change the fact Big Three employees in new right-to-work states in the Midwest may now opt out of compulsory union membership.

“UAW officials can say what they want, but they no longer have the legal authority to require Big Three employees in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana to pay union dues as any ‘extended’ contract is now fully covered by state Right to Work laws,” Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, said in a statement.

The UAW now can no longer force an employee to forfeit his money if he does not want to be in a union.  He can reject their help.  This is a move in the right direction as the worker will no longer have to go along with big labor and its Leftist politics.

With so many labor laws and regulations, the Union is more than outdated, it has become antiquated.  And as the Unions continues to interfere and funnel the worker’s money to the Left to implement their agenda, they are becoming more and more dangerous.

Watchdog reports

The foundation provides free legal defense to employees nationwide.

“It’s important that employees in all three states understand and are able to exercise their recently enshrined workplace rights,” Mix added.

This change has already begun to make a difference in struggling Michigan.  Their economy has now passed that of Ohio since switching to a Right to Work state.  If this trend continues, and more people go back to work, they may become the case study for why it is beneficial to allow the worker to choose.  But do not think the powerhouse UAW will stand by while all that money is shut off.