Another Shooting Will Most Likely Stir Up Another Round of Gun Ban Rants

Many of us, if not all of us, have things that we believe passionately; things that get us going and ready to fight.  And when we see things that seem to confirm to us that these beliefs are justified, we once again begin to “preach” this to those around us.  For political figures, it is much the same.  The difference is that they know that most of what they’re saying is hyperbole.  Well, the gun control advocates once again have their opportunity to rant.

Fox reports

Oregon police confirm the gunman in a shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg is dead, but cannot confirm reports of the number of fatalities. Local media and authorities have been reporting 10-15 dead.

Now, at the time of the writing of this article, there is little to be known about this tragedy.  The gunman has been killed but not publicly identified.  No note, video or audio has been discussed.  There is no motive to talk about.  Was this guy depressed, lonely, or political?  Yet, without fail, we can guarantee that the President and his media parrots will be calling for the disarming of Americans.

The BBC reports

The suspect supposedly used a “long gun”.

A White House official said President Barack Obama was briefed on the situation and will continues to receive updates.

FBI agents are on the scene at the college, and more are on their way from across Oregon, FBI Portland Field Office spokesperson Beth Steele told the BBC.

What this tells us is that once again, rifles will be in the administration’s cross hairs (pun intended).  We will be bombarded by the “I told you so” speech.  How, the GOP-led Congress screwed this up by failing to pass Obama’s 2nd Amendment killing gun legislation.  And the problem that I have is that he would say that I was the nut.

What we have to understand is that this young man would have done this with or without a gun.  He would have probably been able to obtain one illegally if he wanted to kill bad enough.  But even if he had not been able to obtain a gun, what would have stopped him from using a hunting knife or a steak knife?

We also have to recognize that there is a trend that is occurring in our country.  We are becoming more and more depraved.  People as a whole are becoming more violent than in years past.  And while things seem to be getting worse, we have people asking us to ignore the statistics and lay down our arms.  And this brings us to our next interesting fact.

BBC continues

A former president of the school, Joe Olson, said the school has no formal security staff, and that there was debate over whether to have armed security guards on campus last year.

I understand that a school that is located in a rural area may find it ridiculous to think that something like this could happen.  I know why there was a debate.  I get it, those things never happen here.  Well, but then they did.

And while we know that this is a horrid event and in this early going it might be early to cast blame, is it not clear why this happened where it did?  Had the school had even a small armed security team on site, could this not have been avoided?  What would this young man have thought about seeking to kill his classmates if he knew that he likely would not have made it out of the parking lot with his rifle?

You see folks, guns are not the problem, the lack of guns are the problem.