And the Domino Effect has begun in the Centers of Higher Learning

For many laymen and lay pastors, there was the hope that the Christian intellectuals would not go the way of their German predecessors.  We hoped that these men would have stood first.  Based on biblical principle, the one to whom more has been given, more is expected.  Yet, once again we find that there is little hope in academia, even Christian academia.  One after another, Christian institutions of higher learning cave to government pressure.

Christian News reports

Officials at a Christian college in Michigan state that they will now extend “marriage” benefits to their homosexual employees following the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling declaring that all 50 states must legalize same-sex nuptials.

Hope College in Holland, Mich. recently announced its decision to the college community.

So, we have a Christian school recognizing sodomite unions as marriage.  They may wish to claim biblical fidelity, but they will have a hard time floating this to the Churches.  Many think that they can hand the blame off to the government.

“In employment policy and practice, Hope College has always followed the state’s legal definition of marriage,” Hope College President John Knapp wrote in a statement. “Spouses are eligible for benefits, so long as their marriage is legally recognized the state of Michigan.”

Right off the bat, we should recognize the problem with this line of reasoning.  The reason that Hope College had followed the state’s definition was because it lined up with the Bible’s.  The Bible and the state had never bumped heads on the definition of marriage before.  This, I am afraid is where Hope and many other colleges and universities have and will fail.

Biblical fidelity is the exact opposite of what Hope has done.  It is easy to be faithful when what you believe lines up with the state.  It is when the state opposes you that we find out if you are truly on the Lord’s side.

But, Hope is not alone.

Christian News reports

Other religious schools have taken similar moves, such as the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, which extended health care and other benefits to the “spouses” of homosexual employees after the state legalized same-sex nuptials.

“Notre Dame is a Catholic university and endorses a Catholic view of marriage. However, it will follow the relevant civil law and begin to implement this change immediately,” the University wrote to employees last October.

These schools think that they have jumped the shark.  What they have done is compromised.  And they are not the only ones.

Christian News reports

Several other Christian institutions have stated that no changes will take place in light of the Supreme Court ruling, including Fuller Seminary, Eastern Mennonite University, Gordon College, Westmont College, Wheaton College, Azusa Pacific University and Messiah College.

Mark them out and refuse to fund them or send your student there.  This should at the very least be the cost of jettisoning biblical ethics.