American Baptist College Will Not Reconsider Allowing Lesbian “Bishop” Speak to their Students and Says “Intolerance will not be Tolerated by School.”

It is a shame to see a school that comes from a traditionally conservative theological background talking about “Social Justice.” This often used code word for taking from one group to enrich another is a progressive battle cry. It is both unbiblical and un-American. It is even worse when this same school invites a lesbian in a sodomite union to speak to their students. It is worse when this same sodomite calls herself a bishop. But this is exactly what is happening at the American Baptist College. And they see nothing wrong with their decision.

The Christian Post reports

An official at the American Baptist College, a Christian college in Nashville, Tennessee, defended the school’s decision Tuesday to invite a married lesbian bishop to lecture students during the institution’s 58th Garnett-Nabrit Lecture Series this month declaring that there’s nothing unchristian about it, despite protest from a group of pastors.

The fact that this official does not think it unchristian to have an openly practicing sodomite woman bishop speak at a Christian college is troubling. What is worse, he wants to turn the situation on the pastors who have objected.

The Post further reports

Richard E. Jackson, vice president for administration, finance and legal affairs at American Baptist College, told The Christian Post in an interview Tuesday that most of the reactions he’s received about the pending visit of Bishop Yvette Flunder of the City of Refuge United Church of Christ has been one of surprise.

“The reaction I have gotten is ‘what’s the controversy, what’s the big deal?’ You all are an educational institution,” said Jackson.

Jackson is surprised that there has been such a response from the pastors because he thinks that all action should be accepted. Jackson, if he looks to the Bible for any instruction, must be purposely ignore the passages on sin. The problem that Jackson faces is the same one facing all unbelievers. Man cannot live consistently outside of God’s law. To oppose what God says is right will lead to illogical and embarrassing statements.

In response to the news that a group of pastors were planning to protest the speech by Flunder, he said this.

“Well, that’s certainly their prerogative and their right. American Baptist College has a long history of being an advocate for social justice, for having everybody have the right to express their own beliefs and to have opportunity that is accorded to other persons in the society. But we also have a long legacy and tradition, to be brief and succinct about it, intolerance will not be tolerated,” he said in response to the pastor’s comments.

“Intolerance will not be tolerated,” is an illogical assertion. It is not an assertion that can be upheld or put into action. Once Jackson and the school seek to silence, those being intolerant they themselves become the intolerant and cannot be tolerated. Once Jackson has the pastors removed for intolerance, he would have to remove himself. He would have acted intolerantly toward the pastors’ intolerance.

You see, there is one thing that holds true. Those who oppose Christ and His word despise wisdom.

Proverbs 1:7 says

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

This bears true when fools seek to defend their unbiblical and sinful positions or actions. God will not be mocked!