African American Wisconsin Sheriff Blasts Obama’s Failed Liberal Policies


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was part of Fox News’ coverage of the Baltimore riots from earlier in this week when he dropped some harsh criticism on President Barack Obama and other liberal leaders. In the Sheriff’s opinion, much of the problem facing inner-city America stem from a cultural issue that has been fed and nurtured by liberal policies.

This sounds much like the argument that many conservatives turn to when discussing the vicious cycle that is the welfare state – as much as we all would like to help those who are down and out struggling to get by — handouts just don’t seem to be the answer. Any real solution must make the person receiving the assistance a part of the solution by asking them to invest in their own welfare. This is why we conservatives believe that private charity is a superior form of welfare, because it can be provided conditionally and usually encourages the person being helped to also “help themself.”

Watch as Sheriff Clarke explains:

Sheriff David Clarke: [Obama] mentioned that we all need to do soul searching. I think he needs to do some soul searching about failed liberal policies that have prolonged the misery in the American ghetto…

This is lifestyle choices. These are flawed lifestyle choices people make like dropping out of school, like failing to stay employed, like having kids out of wedlock, father absent homes. Those are behavior changes that go on in these American ghettos that will have to change if we’re going to see a change.