California Teachers Union Boycotts Israel – Claims “Ongoing Human Rights Violations”

Just to make sure that we have our facts straight before we begin, Israel is the small country that is constantly having to fight for its life. The Palestinians are the terrorist supporting people who have sworn to see Israel destroyed. The Palestinians are the people that hide weaponry behind hospitals, schools, and masques. This same weaponry the Palestinians use to fire indiscriminately at Israeli cities, killing civilians. This Palestinian Barbary is intentional.

Okay. Now that we are clear on who is who in this discussion, we can tell you that the teacher’s union in California has boycotted the nation of Israel. The reason? “Ongoing human rights violations.”

UAW Local 2865 which represent teaching assistants at the University of California voted Dec. 4th to join the movement. The movement is being called, “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.” It is a call for the divesting of Israel by all.

They have called on all of UAW, the University, and even the government to join in this move by, “divest[ing] their investments, including pension funds, from Israeli state institutions and international companies complicit in severe and ongoing human rights violations as part of the Israeli oppression of Palestinian people.”

They actually think that the Palestinians are oppressed, and their human rights are being violated. It seems a hard sell, but 66 percent of Local 2865 supported the boycott. It makes one wonder if any of those 66 percent of teachers could show you where exactly Israel was on a map, much less tell you reasons they think this is true.

I am not a die in the wool Israel supporter. I do not think that everything that they do is right. They are a more fiscally liberal country than I hope we ever become. With that said, with all the mistakes the nation has made since its founding, there is no way that we can come to the conclusions that this Union has come.

Teachers not knowing the facts is not what concerns me the most. I went to public schools, so I know that though some teachers try hard and care, they, like all of us, are just people. No, the thing that bothers me the most is that these people are so political.

They, like most liberals, go into a fight knowing only half the truth and not understanding half of that which they know. They choose to ignore the facts because it does not fit their preconceived notion. They are anti-establishment, every establishment.

The Bible warns of about those who call righteousness wicked and wickedness righteous. Proverbs 21:10 reads, “The soul of the wicked desires evil; His neighbor finds no favor in his eyes.” These people care nothing for the Palestinian, they just want a cause. They care little, if at all, for the truth, they just want a fight.

I know that not all teachers are mindless liberal drones who simply toe the line. I hope that there will be those who will let their voices be heard at UAW. I hope we see them tell the Union to stay out of politics and represent the people that pay them.