21 Dead in Attack on Tunisian Museum Shakes the Countries Already Fragile Peace

While the world continues to deny our enemy is Islamic who follows the teaching of Muhammad, the Islamists continue to kill and destroy. This time the attack is by unidentified Islamists in Tunis, the capital if Tunisia. The small country has been struggling to regain peace after overthrowing its authoritarian president just four years ago. Since then, the democracy has been seeking to hold off both Al Qaeda and Islamic State forces.

This country now joins Europe, the U.S., and Middle Eastern Nations in gaining membership into a club none want to be a part of; those who have targeted by terrorists. It is not that they have not faced attacks in the past, but now it is their citizens and tourists who have been attacked.

Fox reports

The gunmen had opened fire on the National Bardo Museum in Tunis earlier Wednesday. Authorities said at least 21 people were killed, including 17 tourists. At least 21 people were wounded, according to a Fox News source in Tunis.

Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid told national television that people from Poland, Italy, Germany and Spain were among the tourists.

This means that the violence is spreading across the border. Tunisia is situated north east of war-torn Lybia. The country has been concerned that the ISIS influence would spread and begin to escalate the terrorist activity in Tunisia. Violence, which until today had been sparse and concentrated on Tunisian Security Forces. But this should not come as a surprise.

Fox reported

A disproportionately large number of Tunisian recruits — some 3,000, according to government estimates — have joined Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq.

This means that no matter the efforts of the government to maintain a democracy, there is still a strong draw for men in Tunisia to the ISIS cause.  It also strengthens what many has said concerning ISIS; that many Muslims are drawn to their cause.  And Tunisian men are no exception.

Today’s attack might be a sign of one of two things.  It could signal a spiral into civil war and chaos similar to that in Libya and Syria. It might signal the opening salvo of the coming war in Tunisia. But the attack might be something else entirely.   The attack could simply be retaliation.

Fox further reports

The attack comes the day after Tunisian security officials confirmed the death in neighboring Libya of a leading suspect in Tunisian terror attacks and the killings of two opposition figures in Tunisia.

Ahmed Rouissi, a senior commander of ISIS militants in Libya, gained the nickname of the “black box of terrorism.” The information on his death was made public by security officials giving testimony in parliament and cited by the official TAP news agency.

In either case, it seems that ISIS is not going to simply go away, and with its ever-widening efforts may prove to be more and more of a draw to the Islamic population of the world. With two of the five shooters still at large, the story is not over in Tunis. In fact, it might just be the beginning here.