Mike Huckabee says It's Pretty Clear that He's Running for President

Mike-Huckabee-002 Mike Huckabee had a nice conversation with Chuck Todd on Sunday during NBC's Meet the Press and Todd took no time to cut to the chase and asked the former Governor of Arkansas if he'd be running for the Presidency.Chuck Todd: I'm going to ask you just straightforward, you're a candidate for president until you're not? How should we be calling you? Are you an active candidate for president?Mike Huckabee: Well, you become an active candidate, then you file the FEC papers. But I think it's Read more [...]
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Miss USA’s Message to the Terrorists is a Howler!

Miss USA 2014 The 2014 Miss Universe Competition came down to Miss Colombia and Miss USA, and while this probably wasn’t the reason that Miss USA lost, it’s certainly the one thing that people will remember from the 2014 pageant.The great Manny Pacquaio delivered a pretty solid question to Miss USA, asking her what she would say if she was given 30 seconds to deliver a message to the Islamic terrorists around the world. Now, nobody expects her to say something like… “If you try and come here you’re Read more [...]
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American Muslim group attacks American Sniper, demands Eastwood and Cooper denounce fictional "islamophobia"

6a00d8341c60bf53ef01bb07e23326970d-800wi One of the foundational principles of the Bush Doctrine was/is the oft-repeated dictum, "You are either with us or against us." Little did President Bush know that the American Muslim community was .... against us. George Bush believed that the moderates in the Muslim world would denounce/destroy the devout ("radical"), a war within Islam that never took place. Imagine Bush's dismay when he discovered that no one was behind him, like John Belushi in Animal House when he goes running out the front Read more [...]
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Is Judicial Restriction Aimed at BSA or Freedom of Conscience?

boyscouts It is not enough that we have to live along side of those who snub their nose at moral standards. It does not satisfy them that we have to allow them to cram their sinful actions in our face. It is not enough that we have to accept open, public displays of affection between two people of the same sex. Sodomite unions forced on a populous that has voted to ban the practice as unlawful. Now, if you are going to be a judge in California, you may soon not be able to be affiliated with any private group Read more [...]
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Obama's Massive Land Grab Has Alaska Furious: 'We Will Fight Back'

obama-e1421810834486 President Obama announced Sunday that his administration plans to lock up the oil-rich 1.5 million acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge coastal plain and offshore areas in Alaska from oil and gas exploration. Obama is asking Congress to designate 12 million acres of ANWR as a "wilderness" to keep it off-limits to development, despite widespread Native Alaskan support for drilling in the area. ANWR's coastal plain alone is estimated to hold 28 billion barrels of oil. "Designating vast areas in Read more [...]
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Budget Cuts to Military Could Cost American Lives

a10_thunderbolt We should be use to our government making decisions that make little sense. In an age when we see millions spent on bridges to nowhere and tunnels for turtles, it should not surprise us when we see effective things replace by the ineffective. The powers that be seem incapable of making the right decision. They spend on un-useful projects here at home and then cut where they need the money abroad. A perfect example of this is the case of the A-10 Warthog.Investors Business Daily reported Friday: The Read more [...]
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John McCain BOOED at Arizona GOP Committee Meeting!

john-mccain-surprised I have often wondered how someone like John McCain (R-AZ) who is seemingly disliked by even the majority of his own party can continue to win election after election. I still don't really have an answer for that... but I do have a really cool video proving conservatives do exist in Arizona.The Arizona Republican Committee held a meeting on Saturday where Senator McCain was a guest speaker - you would think that if he were to be popular anywhere it would be in his home state with his Republican Read more [...]
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Hillary Clinton Worried that Obama is Pushing Her Further LEFT!

On Fox News Sunday journalist Ron Fournier made an intriguing point while discussing President Obama’s recent State of the Union address. While some may see the speech as an attempt to set up the Democrats for a win in 2016, Fournier opines that this is not at all what the President was doing.Apparently, many on the Democrat side of the aisle feel that President Obama should be retreating into his lame-duck status – not acting as if he hadn’t recently lost an election by HUGE margins. Fournier Read more [...]
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What Does Sarah Palin's Interest in 2016 Bid Say About Our Country

sarah-palin I, like many men, have to confess that I am not the smartest in my home. It is readily apparent to most that my wife is better at solving problems, takes more factors into consideration, and handles situations better than myself. It is surprising to me how well she can bring factors to bear in a situation. Most times, these factors I had not even considered. But, does this mean she should lead the home?I am often reminded of this fact and this question when I consider female politicians. Read more [...]
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Seizure of Homeschoolers Point to the Rapid Decline of Liberty in America

20_2015-01-24 Just a generation ago, the idea, that someone could come to your home and take your children, was simply unheard of. Imagine, officials from the county come to your house, force you outside, and begin to interrogate your children and you. You are not allowed to speak with your kids. Then you are barraged with questions as to the substances you have in your house. It would seem like a nightmare. It would seem like something out of a fiction novel.It was not a nightmare, nor a fiction novel; it Read more [...]
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