Trade Promotion Authority Clears Senate

tpp_protest_rtr_img_2 The Senate approved a bill granting the president trade promotion authority (TPA) Friday, which would severely restrict the Senate's ability to block future trade deals. The bill now heads to the House, where its passage is uncertain because of opposition from wary Democrats and skeptical Republicans. (RELATED: Rep. Dave Brat Perfectly Explains GOP Skepticism Of Fast Track Authority) Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch called it, "likely the most important bill" the Senate will pass this year. "It Read more [...]
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Federal Court Rules Pro-Life Views Are ‘Patently Offensive’

ChooseLife-e1432330691805 A new decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals holds that New York's state government has the right to ban "Choose Life" license plates on the grounds that such a statement is "patently offensive." The dispute stems from a now-suspended program offered by New York's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) which allowed private organizations to create custom license plates. If drivers purchased the plates, the purchasing price was split between the DMV and the non-profit. The Children First Foundation Read more [...]
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Senate Fails to Replace Illegal NSA Phone Record-Keeping

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky., and the Senate GOP leadership,listens during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, April 23, 2013, following a Republican strategy session. At left is Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn of Texas.   (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) For years the American people used their phones thinking that their privacy was secure.  Then came the news that they were being recorded.  They were monitored by their own government.  Who they called, how long they spoke and how often, all recorded and stored.  All this snooping without probable cause or proper vetting by judges.  And as I reported, these actions were judged to be illegal by a New York Appeals Court.  Now our representatives are seeking to replace this illegal operation with Read more [...]
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43 Dead and Dozens Wounded on Mexican Ranch; Coming to a Town near You?

Federal police agents stand next to a truck riddled with bullets in Apatzingan, Mexico, Friday Dec. 10, 2010. At least eleven people have been killed including five officers, the teenage daughter of a former mayor and an 8-month-old baby since Wednesday night when gunmen belonging to a drug trafficking organization, known as La Familia, fired on federal police and motorists in Apatzingan. The leader of the drug cartel, Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, is believed to have been killed in a shootout during the two days of fighting. (AP Photo/Primera Plana) For the past decade, violence in Mexico has been severe and almost unabated.  Drug cartels own many officials and police corruption is rampant.  This can be directly and indirectly linked to the U.S./Columbian war on drugs.  As many of the Columbian cartels were arrested and or killed, their Mexican runners and contacts took over the business.  As the drug trade has moved north so has the violence.  This violence has intensified to a level not seen with the Columbians, who were vicious in their Read more [...]
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Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough Aren’t Keen on a Jeb Bush Presidency

Jeb Bush LU On Thursday morning’s episode of Morning Joe on MSNBC the eponymous host Joe Scarborough tried to convey what he perceives to be as dearth of excitement surrounding the Jeb Bush campaign for the White House. Scarborough has been covering a wide range of Republican and conservative events, and he has yet to come across anyone who is agitating for or against Jeb Bush in any meaningful way. In fact, he has yet to find anyone who actually cares that Jeb Bush is running for President!“We were Read more [...]
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Iowa Democrats Can’t Name a Single Accomplishment of Hillary Clinton

hillary-squish Recently Bloomberg Politics and Purple Strategies held a focus group of Democrat voters in Iowa. They focused in on what average Iowa Democrats thought about the probability (and possibility) of a Hillary Clinton run for the White House in 2016. Surprisingly (he said sarcastically), the group seemed unenthused about the opportunity to vote for Hillary Clinton – though they did all seem to think that she would very likely win in 2016.My favorite part, though, is that when asked to name one accomplishment Read more [...]
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Fox News Announces what the Early 2016 GOP Primary Schedule will Look Like

gop During Fox News’ “Special Report” with Bret Baier, Fox News correspondent John Roberts explained what the GOP’s 2016 Primary season would look like.John Roberts: At the moment, Iowa will kick off the first of the primary season on the first of February. New Hampshire follows a week later.South Carolina is Saturday Feb. 20th with Nevada on the 23rd.Under new rules laid down by the Republican National Committee, those are the only states that can go in February.Anyone Read more [...]
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Boy Scouts of America the next Victim of the Sodomite Agenda

lmumjy8qcuqf7ntprxov  It is very difficult to survive 105 years as an organization.  Any organization would have difficulty making it that long, but a club for boys?  With all the changes that have occurred in our culture since 1910, it is amazing that an organization, founded on Christian virtues and hard work, has made it this far.  But, this truth makes it even more painful to see her cave.Christian News reports: The president of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) [Robert Gates] called for an end to Read more [...]
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Trade Secret Theft: Temple University Professor Funnels Superconductivity Device To China

Temple+Professor+China+Fraud+Xiaoxing+Xi The U.S. Department of Justice has charged the chair of Temple University's physics department with four counts of wire fraud for funneling a U.S. superconducting device to China. Xi Xiaoxing, a 47-year-old superconductivity expert and naturalized U.S. citizen, allegedly tried to create a scheme in which he would trade highly sensitive technological information for prestigious university appointments in China, The Associated Press reports.. Starting in 2002, Xi took a sabbatical, deciding to engage Read more [...]
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Anti-Theists Wanting To Court-Martial Air Force General For Speaking About God Doesn’t Get Its Way

major-general-craig-olson-600 The Air Force has refused to punish a general for referring to God in a speech, despite agitations from a group interested in stripping the military of religion. On May 7, Maj. Gen. Craig Olson stated at the congressionally supported National Day of Prayer Task Force that God guided and strengthened his career, and without God's help, he wouldn't have been able to fly aircraft or execute nuclear missions, Air Force Times reports. "He put me in charge of failing programs worth billions of dollars," Olson Read more [...]
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