Has the Race War Begun in Texas?

DSC_0085-640x480 Over the past several decades, we have faced the prospect that men of different colors and cultures would find it more beneficial to war with one another in this country than to live together.  Ultimately, we know that this is a foolish concept, but one that many have promoted. Some have even sought to ignite the fire of race war in our time.There were the horrific acts of murder perpetrated by those following Charlie Manson.  He thought that if the right people were murdered and the blacks Read more [...]
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Illegal Child Molester Caught for the Fourth Time

Violence-Crime-Public-Domain-460x325 We are becoming accustomed to the liberal way of jurisprudence.  Arrest, convict, release, and repeat.  For some reason, we have lost the idea of punishment.  So, when we hear that a man who has been convicted of repeated sexual assault is caught reentering the country, it should hardly rate as news.  But, it should cause us to ask how we stop this repeat offender.  It seems that the criminal is no longer in fear of justice.Breitbart reports A previously convicted child molester who has Read more [...]
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Rand Paul says Donald Trump is a “Fake Conservative” and “Has an Authoritarian Concept of Government”

Rand Paul and Donald Trump GOP Presidential candidate Rand Paul made an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity show to discuss his Presidential aspirations and the current state of the race. During the discussion host Sean Hannity asked Senator Paul about his confrontation with Donald Trump during the first GOP debate and what he thought of Trump’s amazing rise in the polls.Senator Paul responded by telling the story of Vera Coking, a woman who didn’t want to sell her home to Trump, so he tried to take it using the force Read more [...]
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After Donald Trump Confrontation - Jorge Ramos had a Big Day on Fox News

Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos Jorge Ramos’ name was all over Fox News on Wednesday but I’m not sure Ramos was happy with the coverage. On Tuesday Univision and Fusion television personality (and reporter) Jorge Ramos got himself kicked out of a Trump event for jumping the queue when questioning the presidential candidate. Later the media went overboard in wondering who was at fault, Ramos for not waiting his turn, or Trump for overreacting. On Wednesday it was pretty clear what most of the Fox News pundits thought of the Read more [...]
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Rand Paul’s Tax Plan would Leave $3 Billion in the South Side of Chicago

rand-paul-presidential-turtlenecks-03 Senator Rand Paul recently appeared on Fox News’ Hannity show to discuss his Presidential run. When their conversation turned to the problem of African-American voters overwhelmingly siding with Democrats, the Senator first said that “Black Lives Matter” should change their name, then explained how he could win over the African-American vote.And I think there is a great opportunity for Republicans who do care about people living in poverty to actually take our message of freedom, limited Read more [...]
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Here Comes Polygamy

1409232407607_wps_1_FILE_In_this_July_10_2013 With the attack on marriage through the sodomite community victorious, we find that there are more and more people appealing to this victory as grounds for their unions to be recognized.   No one is more likely to win their appeal to normalcy than the polygamist.Christian News reports An attorney representing a polygamist at the center of the TLC reality show “Sister Wives” is pointing to the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex “marriage” in his fight against Utah’s Read more [...]
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Obama Concedes that His Gun Laws Would not have Stopped Virginia Gunman

CNWRsm9UsAAZNuc It was no surprise to anyone that the president and Hillary Clinton went after the 2nd Amendment after the tragedy in Virginia.  Far be it from these disciples of Saul Alinsky to allow a crisis go to waste.   They recognize an opportunity when they see it, and they took full advantage of this tragedy.Freedom Outpost reports First, Obama came right out on cue to promote his unconstitutional attack on the Second Amendment."It breaks my heart every time you read about or hear about these Read more [...]
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George Zimmerman Trolls Obama On Twitter After VA Shooting: You're a Buffoon!

president-barack-obama-statement-george-zimmerman-trayvon-martin-gi George Zimmerman, the man notorious for shooting Travyon Martin in a 2012 killing that was ruled to be in self-defense, took to Twitter over the past two days to blast a “racist” President Barack Obama following Wednesday’s murder of two reporters in Roanoke, Va. Zimmerman first joined Twitter in December of 2013, and has generally been a quiet user, with about 1,350 total tweets. But following the killing of Alison Parker and Adam Ward in Virginia, which appears to have been partly Read more [...]
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Three DC Teens Brutally Beat Another Teen ON TOP OF A FIRETRUCK

635763239067287740-TeeRaw2 Firefighters in Washington, D.C were forced to call police for back-up Thursday after three boys started beating another boy on top of their firetruck.The firetruck was stopped at a stoplight when the boy, being chased by the three attackers, ran toward it, WUSA reports. The boy, apparently seeking help from the firefighters, climbed on top of the truck.The three attackers followed the other boy on top of the truck and started beating him with what appears to be a piece of wood.When Read more [...]
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Don’t Buy the Pro-Abortion Hype – The Pro-Life Movement is a Political Winner

abortion kills children Our colleague and popular Iowa political pundit Steve Deace has an excellent article up at the Washington Times arguing that the pro-life cause is actually a political winner.For years the GOP establishment and moderate Republicans have worked together to marginalize pro-life conservatives because, they argued, social conservatism was a political loser. However, over the last few years any unbiased observer would notice that on the abortion issue, this was just not true. Most Americans (indeed Read more [...]
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