Fox News Pundit Slams Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Fox News pundit Charles Krauthammer is a well-respected GOP intellectual who is quite popular on Fox News. So you may find it surprising when you see him attacking iconoclast Ted Cruz (R-TX). Cruz’s recent dustup with the GOP establishment seems to have left many hurt feelings within the Party, and they’ve had no problem attacking Cruz to make themselves feel better… but it’s sad to see one of our leading “thinkers” demagogue him too.While Cruz’s fight against the omnibus bill (and Read more [...]
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Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) Speaks Out Against Obama’s ICE Nominee

Mike Lee Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) is speaking out against President Obama’s nominee to run Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Sarah Saldana.From Facebook:The Constitution gives the Senate the responsibility to give the president advice about his executive nominations and ultimately consent. My advice is this: the president should not proffer a nominee for the job of executing our immigration laws who affirmatively supports subverting those very same laws. That's exactly what the president has done Read more [...]
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ISIS Recruiting Targets Points Up a Deep Problem

Screen-Shot-2014-09-17-at-3_14_19-PM For many, the idea of helping to create a new society might sound exciting. You will be helping to shape a country, and being founders of the next great people. Romantic sounding, is it not? When we think of the great civilizations that have come upon the earth; we never think of these people having to lure others to their fold.Rome, they conquered and assimilated. They did not have to recruit women to marry their legions. The Greeks did not have to search for great thinkers or an educated class Read more [...]
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Marine’s Murder Charge Has Left Crying Hate-Crime

PHILIPPINES-US-MILITARY-DIPLOMACY-HOMICIDE Once again we have a situation coming to a head between our government and one of our allies. The issue in question is the murder of a transgendered man by a U.S. Marine. Back in October, Marines were a part of 3500 American troops taking part in joint exercises with the Philippines. While on leave, Pfc Joseph Scott Pemberton met what appeared to be two Philipino women.One of the apparent women called Jennifer, urged the other man to leave before Pemberton discovered they was a men. Jennifer, Read more [...]
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Without Law, We are left with Racist Lynch Mobs marching in the Streets Did you bury a teenage girl alive after shooting her? Are you on death row after a string of crimes too gruesome to describe? Or you just a member of Al Qaeda dedicated to destroying America?If so, progressives will fight for you. Just dial 1-800-IAM-VICTIM and the left waiting to take your call will insist on your presumption of innocence. Its activists, reporters and lawyers will exploit every pretext to get you off the hook and they will call that justice.The judicial process, they will say, matters Read more [...]
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Conservative Groups Defend Ted Cruz on Spending Bill Tactics

2cc9b87c01f12c31680f6a7067004656 Conservative groups came to Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz's defense after members of Congress from both parties said his immigration maneuver during the spending bill fight was a political failure that ultimately helped Democrats. Senate leaders had agreed to vote on the $1.1 trillion spending bill Monday, but efforts from Cruz and Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee to protest President Obama's executive action on immigration upended the deal and kept the Senate in session through Saturday. Cruz forced Read more [...]
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In Berkeley Liberals Now Creating Lynching Effigies

Berkeley Effigy Oh. My. Word.As if things could not get any worse. Now some snot-nosed, rich, hippy, artsy, West Coast liberals are creating effigies of African-Americans being lynched in Berkeley, California. As if the people taking part in this not-so-helpful act of "artistry" have ever experienced anything like the persecution and hatred felt African-Americans  throughout the mid-1800's through the mid 1900's...These are the kinds of actions that really make conservatives despise liberal activism. There Read more [...]
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Liberal Chuck Schumer Pushes Republican Civil War Meme

Chuck Schumer Liberal Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was on CNN with Candy Crowley on Monday when he efforted to push the liberal meme that the GOP stood on the precipice of a civil war.I think that the differences between -- among Democrats are small compared to the huge chasm of Republicans. On the fundamental issues that face us, the economic issues that we need to address to get the middle class moving again, to get middle-class incomes going again, there's amazing unity on the Democratic side, Read more [...]
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Santa Clause Not Tolerant Enough For Cambridge School

pic_giant_121214_SM_Confused-Santa-DT In our mainly irrational culture, it is hard to get most to see the contradiction of humanistic left wing thinking. When you tell people that they are inconsistent with their thinking, they look at you as if you have a third eye growing in the middle of your forehead. But, this should not be the case with what is occurring in Cambridge Mass.Though it may be hard to believe, but there has been a ban on Santa Clause. I know this is going to seem like a very unimportant issue, but I believe it is Read more [...]
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Obama Seeks to Give Away Our Money Again!

GreenClimateFund-1 It seems that they just cannot help themselves. Our president and this administration seem addicted to spending our money. Unfortunately, this is not the worst part of the problem. It would be one thing if the government spending problem was producing a better standard of living for our citizens. It would be difficult to complain very much, even as the tax bill came in, yet this is far from the case. This time, it is not the rescue of the poor or even some starving nation. No, it is our undeveloped Read more [...]
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